Donald Trump Makes An Ass Of Himself In Florida, Surprises No One

*UPDATE* Trump Gets Statesman-ly By Calling Arianna Huffington Ugly On Twitter. Sarasota GOP Stands By His Statesmanship.

Well, the sun came up yesterday, which means one thing: Donald Trump humiliated himself by rambling on and on (and on) about fictitious birth certificates, Hawaiian twins, and a Kenyan Manchurian Candidate.

The bumbling billionaire was near Tampa, Florida last night, where -- yet again -- he spouted off some of his perpetual "birther" propaganda in front of a crowd of people who all should have been thinking one thing: "is this guy seriously still talking about this?"

The Donald was presented last night with the Sarasota County Republican Party's "Statesman Of The Year" award, which he used as platform to weigh in on a joke presidential candidate Mitt Romney made last week about President Barack Obama's birth certificate -- which has now led to the unfortunate resurrection of the "Birther" debate.

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"He did make a joke, and some people thought it might not be a joke," Trump told the group. "[The Birther controversy] happens to be an issue that a lot of people believe in."

By "a lot of people," Trump means a handful of crack-pot conspiracy theorists -- which has apparently elected a whispy-haired reality TV "star" as its leader.

While the overwhelming majority of Republicans have dismissed the "Birther" BS as exactly that, Trump wages on.

A couple of months ago, Trump took his tin-foil-hat-worthy theory to CNN, where host Wolf Blitzer even had a laugh at the world's richest conspiracy theorist.

During a live broadcast of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer in May, Blitzer brought up the fact that the president's long-form birth certificate had been released and shows he was born in Hawaii. Trump, however, isn't buyin' it, and claims "a lot of people do not think it was an authentic certificate." Of course, he declined to provide the names of any experts who agree that the document is a fraud -- and that's because there are none.

After Trump rambled on about how the location of a person's birth is an opinion, Blitzer presented him with newspaper announcements of the president's 1961 birth in Hawaii. Trump butted in, asking Blitzer "can you stop defending Obama with all these pesky facts and physical evidence?"

"Donald, you're beginning to sound a little ridiculous, I have to tell you," Blitzer replied.

"You are, Wolf," Trump responded. "Let me tell you something, I think you sound ridiculous."

Trump then (poorly) attempted to argue that people living overseas frequently place birth announcements in newspapers in places where they don't actually live, claiming that "many people put those announcements in because they wanted to get the benefits of being so-called born in this country. Many people did it."

As for any evidence of this trend of putting bogus birth announcements in U.S. newspapers, Trump has none -- again, because there isn't any.

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Look, you guys quit messing with my 'lawd and savior', Donald Trump.


If Trump isn't gawd incarnate, then how has he managed to keep that lustrous red ferret on top of his head alive for so many years? It is a miracle of American Exceptionalism!


He is the almighty tightey whitey gawd I tell you.


Uhhhh since when does posting a birth announcement in a newspaper guarantee citizenship? I do believe the standard remains a legitimate government-issued BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Hence, our president is an American. 


What many people don't know is that Trump is secretly jewish.... I think his bio says Lutheran or something but he is in fact jewish.


No idea why he keeps it secret/is in denial.


And how do I know, well - I lived in New York in the 80's and my roommate for 5 years was the son of a long-time friend of Norma Foederer (she was Trumps PA for most of his business life). Three or four times a year there would be long lunches and/or dinners where much fine wine was consumed.... (I was invited to one) and Norma spilled the beans... it really was a "sshhh, you'll never guess what" moment. 


This was during the time Trump came down from his Tower to shake hands with a Gorbachev look-a-like (thinking it was the real him).


I have no opinion one way or another but find it weird why he keeps it quiet.



DeadLenny 1 Like

I've always said of Rush Limbaugh that if I wanted the opinions of a bloated junkie, I'd move back to the Tenderloin.  Apparently D. Trump would be one of the looneys hanging around the Powell St. BART plaza, distributing xeroxed rant tracts about how the Masons secretly rule the world.


I keep hoping that wig will prove rabid and attack him now that would be funny.

sillytroll66 2 Like

So, is anyone anywhere still taking the phony "businessman" & reality TV star with the terrible wig seriously? And if so, why? Trump is a buffoon and anyone who actually listens to a word he says is a complete fool.

zman1rdm2 1 Like

It's a beautiful thing to behold when clueless, crooked, Republicans line up at every election to insert large boots up each others 'derriere'. Hey, I'd be the first one to admit that Barack doesn't belong next to FDR or Abraham Lincoln in the hall of fame when it comes to Presidents; but god in heaven, Mr. Obama need only stand next to any rabid, delusional, modern day GOP kook to increase his stature ten fold. Let's hope it only takes 8 years to get it right.

sarvis78 1 Like

yo listen, I do calling for the RNC as a way for extra cash. TONS of people still believe in it, not a "handful of crackpot conspiracy theorists". I call thousands of people a week and the ones who wanna talk politics with you while you ask for money really DO spout racist and conspiracy shit. 


As it's been pointed out before, the certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate. If Obama has one, why hasn't he shown it? There really is no reason for him not to have shown it by now other than he doesn't have one from the US. If he wants Romney to show his taxes, why won't he pony up? It's just another indicator that he's deceiving us, something the Democratic party is great at, because they have always done it. Just go look up Tammany Hall and the Tammany Society if you don't believe me. They have always been corrupt, and even take advantage of the lower classes and minorities for votes because they are typically less educated, and they don't need to offer up as much to win them over. They can literately buy their votes.


 @tarzan322 Ignorant means unaware.  Dumb means cannot learn.  Stupid means refuses to learn.  You can't fix stupid.  Sorry.


 @tarzan322 Ever heard of or any other site who confirm or deny rumors, spam, lies? This rumor has been proven to be wrong by many reputable sources, you might want to look it up unless you want to continue to be biased to this false rumor and denigration of the President and many US Citizens needlessly. It's rude and nasty.

abiggs2 1 Like

 @tarzan322 A "Certification of Live Birth" is a short-form birth certificate. The information included in the document may differ from state to state. A "Certification of Live Birth" from Hawaii will include the name and sex of the person, date of birth, hour of birth, island of birth, COUNTRY OF BIRTH, mother's maiden name, mother's race, father's name, father's race, date accepted by registrar, a certificate number and seal. The seal may be different depending on the year it was printed. A "Certificate of Live Birth" is the long-form birth certificate and contains more detailed information, including signatures of doctor(s), witnesses, vital statistics (length and weight), etc.  So what exactly do you want the birth certificate for? The short form birth certificate is the one you and everyone else uses whenever they need to provide a birth certificate so please stop spouting ignorance like you know what you are talking about and go back to making racist Obama posters so everyone can see you for the idiot you really are.

youtarzanmejane 2 Like

 @tarzan322 First off, there is corruption in both the Democratic and Republican parties. There's no need for Romney show his taxes. Confidential documents on his holdings have already been released, and point to the multiple ways in which he dodges paying taxes. Is that what we really need in a president? Sorry, I got off topic, I forgot the very important matter that Obama might not be a US citizen. You really think our government wouldn't have already done a background check after inaugurating the him President of the United States of American back in 2008? Get a hold of yourself and look into issues that really matter.

tarzo 2 Like

 @tarzan322 Which is more vital to your decision of president: Fiscal responsibility or place of birth?

nj.oefinger 1 Like

Trump once sued someone for calling him a millionaire, as opposed to calling him a billionaire, when he actually is, according to recent court proceedings taking his net worth into account, a millionaire. Granted, it's hundreds of millions, but it still falls shy of $1B. This is not the voice of legitimacy; this is a man who only opens his mouth to spout bullshit.


Dude is making a whole lot of sense there I think. WOw.

catbyte 3 Like

Donald Trump makes an ass out of himself. Hmmmm. "In other news, water is wet..."


I would have better if he talked about a more pressing issue.  Why is Holder holding back documents about Fast & Furious?

chocolatechipsmusic 2 Like

 @nobamaeveragain that's not a pressing issue. it's the crazy right wingers jumping from one baseless conspiracy theory to the next because they've got absolutely nothing on this guy (President Obama) ... the cleanest administration in many, many years.

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