Eliot Spitzer Chimes In On Pregnancy Of Hooker Who Ended His Career

The hooker who brought down shamed former Governor Eliot Spitzer is preggers and gettin' hitched. So how does her most infamous client feel about his former gal-pal's pending nuptials? Jealous? Elated? Glad he's not the father?

Well, Spitzer's not talking about it -- only he is talking about it...without actually talking about.

"Client No. 9" appeared on Geraldo Rivera's radio show yesterday, where he was asked how he felt about his former gal-pal's pregnancy and upcoming marriage to New Jersey businessman Thomas "T.J." Earle. The former governor answered by saying "I just don't respond to that stuff" -- right before he responded to "that stuff."

"Anybody who is pregnant, congratulations and good luck. Having kids is the best thing in the world. So, whomever it may be, that's always my attitude," the former gov said, while shucking and jiving his way around mentioning Dupre by name.

Earle used to be married. Then he met Dupre, and the two shared a drunken afternoon "drinking, dining, shopping and snuggling in limos" shortly after Dupre brought down Spitzer in a hooker scandal that ended his political career.

Earle and his wife have since divorced. The couple's baby is expected to arrive in the fall.

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Jack like.author.displayName 1 Like

Not only does her existence destroy the one person who would have made sure a couple of bankers went to federal prison for at at least twenty years for melting down our economy but she gets rewarded for it with her own business, a column in the post, and another rich white cocksucker to pay her bills until the day she dies. Fuck, her existence doesnt disprove God exists, it proves Satan does exist and he God has left the building. 

Jack like.author.displayName 1 Like

The life of Ashlee Dupree proves God does not exist and it's a completely nihilistic universe. 


1. Spitzer needs to stfu 2. @villagevoice Would it kill you to say former hooker or even sex worker. You're not the post for Christ sake SMH


@villagevoice "pregnancy of 'client No. 9" means Eliot Spitzer is pregnant.

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