Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give A Shit About What Hollywood Thinks About Paul Ryan...Or Anything

Shut up, Hollywood.
As you know, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate in his quest for the White House. Per usual, Hollywood has chimed in about his selection -- and for some reason people care.

Regardless of how you feel about Ryan, Romney, abortion, gay marriage, healthcare, Barack Obama, war, kittens, winter, or literally anything else, you should not give even half a shit about what celebrities have to say about it. Ever. Here's why...

5) They're actors:

Actors act for a living. So acting like they give a shit about a particular issue -- or vice-presidential pick -- comes naturally to them and often times without much research. We'd venture to guess that Jared Leto had never heard of Paul Ryan until Romney tapped him as his running mate. But Leto's got a Twitter account, so now he's an expert. He also uses phrases like "peep it" when he wants to show you something.

4) Russell Simmons has, like, a ba-zillion dollars:

Russell Simmons posted on his website an essay he'd written basically explaining why Ryan is the anti-Christ. He notes that Romney and Ryan "will destroy our people and laugh all the way to the bank." Simmons is worth an estimated $325 million. Shut up, Russell.

3) Who the fuck is Olivia Wilde?

USA Today reports that Olivia Wilde "tweeted" Saturday that "Two R's won't make it right. Romney/Ryan are Wrong for America," which prompted us to ask the question: who the fuck is Olivia Wilde and why does USA Today care what she thinks about Paul Ryan? According to the Internet, she's an actress, she had small roles in "Alpha Dog" and "Weird: The Weird Al Yankovic Story," and she's super hot. But that doesn't mean you should give a shit about what she has to say about Paul Ryan.  

2) Don't feed their egos!

You know why actors think they need to tell you how they feel about political issues? Because everyone treats them like they shit rainbows and that their opinions matter. But their opinions don't matter -- they're actors. They don't draft economic policies and make difficult decisions, they read scripts for a living and practice crying on command.
1) Celebrities are idiots:

Three names: Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan. Enough said.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you shouldn't give a shit about what celebrities think about anything. Don't take your political cues from the likes of Michael Moore and Ted Nugent, do yourself a favor and do a little research -- visit each presidential candidate's website here and here

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For fuck sake, you should be writing for Breitbart dot com! Only on right wing blogs do you hear that actors aren't allowed to have political opinions and should just shut up and act. And how the fuck do you not know who Olivia Wilde is? 


For better or worse, celebrities have a lot of cultural currency in our society. And if you had bothered to do even a cursory amount of research before writing this hateful column, you would have discovered that Jared Leto and Olivia Wilde were recently co-hosts for an Obama fundraiser and have been involved at a deep level as surrogates for his campaign. They're expressing a well-informed opinion to those that choose to follow them. Relax.


 @Jack Why the fuck is anyone supposed to know who any entertainer is???


King's on a legitimate rant.  He's not calling for the censorship -- he's exhorting people to pay entertainers no mind (but by that same token, he should therefore be telling people not to bother voting, either: politics, even in a democracy, is just a horse and pony show).


 @calmdowncubscout You relax.  These people's well-informed opinions aren't being followed for their correctness -- their opinions matter only because of their success as entertainers.  It really conflates politics with entertainment to have figures from either industry primping for one another.


Of course, politics is just entertainment with serious consequences....

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