Guess What LI Kiddie-Porn Suspect Does For A Living (Spoiler Alert: He Works At An Elementary School)

Categories: Pervert Alert
If you have a child who goes to Lincoln Avenue Elementary School in Sayville, get ready to be scared shit-less.

Authorities in Long Island arrested a man early this morning after an investigation revealed that he had a stockpile of kiddie-porn on his computer. That man is Shawn Mead, a janitor at the aforementioned elementary school.

Mead, 44, turned himself into police early this morning after undercover child crimes detectives found his stash of child erotica.

According to authorities, police were investigating kiddie-porn trading locations on the Internet, which led them to Mead.

On Mead's computer, police found several images of naked kids. They also found images and videos of kids having sex.

As far as authorities know, Mead didn't have contact with the children in the videos, and hasn't victimized any of the children at the school where he works.

Mead remains in custody. He's been charged with possessing a sexual performance by a child.

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