Kid Rock & Paul Ryan Rock Out to 'Bawitdaba' in Michigan

"So one of us is running for Vice President, but only one of us listened to 'Bawitdaba' on the way over here in the Secret Service motorcade," Paul Ryan said this morning at a rally in Royal Oaks, Michigan.

Miriam Coleman of Rolling Stone reported today that Kid Rock came out in support of the VP nominee to an audience of 160 people who each paid around $500 to see Detroit's gung-ho spokesperson and Ryan himself. The performance comes as a pre-game for the RNC this upcoming week, where Kid Rock, along with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trace Adkins and Journey, will headline the family fun in Tampa.

Kid Rock's appearance rides the coat tail of the musical forces behind this election; some of which we wrote about last weekend (Paul Ryan's edgy relationship with Rage Against the Machine; Hank Williams, Jr., reminding audiences that "we all hate Obama;" etc.). 

And, to Ryan, the cowboy baby is a symbol of something that can only happen in America.

A few months back, Kid Rock came out in support of Romney during the rough Republican primary season; this led to the campaign's adoption of the singer's 'Born Free' track for its official election song. (It would have been appropriate to use MC Hammer's 'Can't Touch This' - according to Politico, one had to pay $2,500 for a picture with Paul Ryan).

At the rally, Ryan praised Kid Rock for representing the American Dream. Screw Horatio Alger; we should be looking up to the guitarist formerly named Robert Ritchie for economic inspiration: "Look at this creator right here - the fruits of his labor coming from his mind, his talents. His took his path to find his happiness and he is realizing his dreams and he is paving his way. Only in America can you do this."

We're talking about Kid Rock, right?

The duo rocked out at the Oakland Hills Country Club and Kid Rock joked with the crowd that maybe they would confuse him with Ryan: "I was going to come out, be a little wisenheimer and say 'Guess which one is running for vice president?'"

Unfortunately, the answer is Paul Ryan, not Kid Rock.


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I liked how the Metro Times, a weekly news-magazine in the Detroit area, named Kid Rock the area's biggest embarrassment. We wish Kid Rock would move to another state and take Ted Nugent with him.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Kid Rock = Lowlife White Trash



I like how N.Graham refers to the Metro Times as a weekly news-magazine.  Right!  Or should I say Left!  It's nothing more than a liberal rag that can stand anything conservative.  Like him or not, Kid Rock has done great things for this city which has been driven into the sewer by decades of corrupt liberal leadership.  A recent example was his fundraiser concert which raised well into the 7 figures for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  I don't see any pachouli wearing libs following his lead.  Perhaps, the Metro Times should name its city of Detroit as the country's biggest embarrassment.  Decades (DECADES!) of Democrat leadership in the Mayor's office, city council, school board, etc... has really been great hasn't it?

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