Long Island Scumbag Throws Puppy Out Of Moving Car

This is Joey. He's a 3-month-old Pit Bull puppy. Some A-hole threw him from a moving car over the weekend, and now authorities need your help tracking this creep down.
There currently is a real sack of shit on the loose who needs to be brought to justice.

Somebody on Long Island threw a 3-month-old puppy out of a moving car over the weekend and then sped off, leaving the little guy to die.

Thankfully, the Pit Bull puppy lived, but is in pretty rough shape.

The Suffolk County SPCA says the puppy -- who has since been named "Joey" -- was found on the Sagtikos Parkway near the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in Brentwood on Saturday afternoon after a witness saw a bag thrown from a moving car.

When the witness stopped to see what it was, Joey was inside the black plastic bag, whimpering.

Joey currently is getting treated for a broken neck. Additionally, he had bite wounds on his neck, which authorities say indicates that he may have been used as a "bait dog" for training other dogs to fight.
Joey weighs about 10 pounds, which is about five pounds less than what a healthy 3-month-old Pit Bull should weigh.

The SPCA is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the creep who tossed Joey from the car. Anyone with information is asked to call 631-382-7722.

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This person should be prosecuted to the fullest of the law.This story shook me to my inner core! It is outrageous! People like this will never learn until we put the "Busted for good",in Buster's Law.These human beings that share our world with us are a disgrace.I hope there was a security camera somewhere.I feel so bad for Joey,my love,and prayers go out to him.Stay strong Joey.


It says comments for this sad story, well some times there just aren't any words, or should I say very nice words.  If we don't come up with a harsher penalty and make  it stick. we will continue to see this, because  there are a lot of  mike v's out there. he should have been the example of what would happen, but he  got away with it.  My heart aches for these dogs.


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