Mike Bloomberg, Gun Hypocrite: City Sells 28,000 Pounds Of Shell Casings To Georgia Ammo Store For Re-filling


A report was released earlier this week by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives showing that of the 8,793 guns seized in New York in 2011, only 1,595 were actually purchased here.

Numbers like that fuel Mayor Mike Bloomberg's incessant call for other states to implement tougher regulations on firearms. Given the mayor's constant call for other states to lock up their guns, you'd think he'd probably be opposed to the city of New York selling 28,000 pounds of used shell casings to an ammunition business in Georgia, which will refill the casings and resell them as bullets -- bullets that could potentially find their way back to New York and end up in a cop, child, or other innocent citizen.

You'd be wrong, though; in Bloomberg's latest bout with blatant hypocrisy, the city actually sold 28,000 pounds of used shell casings to Georgia Arms, an Atlanta-based weapons distributor, which will resell the live rounds in bags of 50 for the bargain price of $15 a bag -- and the mayor's office stands by the city's decision to sell the casings.

The New York Times got the dirt on the city's deal with Georgia Arms -- according to the paper, the city usually sells used casings taken from NYPD shooting ranges to scrap metal companies. However, in June -- just prior to Bloomberg using the mass-shooting in Colorado as an excuse to sound off about how the nation needs stricter gun laws -- the city sold its 28,000 pounds to Georgia Arms.

From the Times:

John Feinblatt, the mayor's chief policy adviser and the lead architect of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said Mr. Bloomberg stood behind the sale and would allow similar sales in the future.

"He believes, as do all members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, that our purpose is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, not keep guns or ammunition away from law-abiding citizens," Mr. Feinblatt said. "There's a big distinction between legal dealers and illegal dealers and criminals and law-abiding citizens.

"We're about crime control. We're not about gun control."

This is the second time in less than a week that Bloomberg's gun hypocrisy has reared its ugly head -- last week, it was revealed that the mayor will host a fundraiser for National Rifle Association-backed Massachusetts Senate candidate Scott Brown, who earned an "A" rating from the group. The fundraiser is scheduled for August 15.

We sent Bloomberg's PR flack Stu Loeser an email asking if he would please explain "how the city selling ammunition to an ammunition store isn't completely hypocritical given the mayor's stance on gun control?"

Loeser, who has refused to add us to the mayor's public relations email list, hasn't gotten back to us.

So, we can take the following from Bloomberg's selective gun bullying: guns are bad -- unless you're Scott Brown or Georgia.

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Criminal-butt-licking VV gets their panties in a twist over BS.


Here put this on the bumper of your (electric) car:




And anyone who still believes that criminals aren't the problem but guns are, then put this on the front door of your home and at your place of business: http://i.imgur.com/xneXT.gif


And be sure put this sign on the front door of your kid's school: http://bit.ly/KlXtYr


You know why law-abiding people want to carry guns?




two things here :

1.which one of their laws has ever kept a "gun" out of the hands of a psycho or criminal ? we have so many on the books for nyc,I really would like to know WHICH ONE HAS EVER WORKED.

2.why can't the esteemed law makers establish mandatory sentencing for crimes committed with firearms ? and even a seperate court ? and have the mandatory sentence to be LIFE.

streets would clear up damn fast.

you see,they truly DON'T CARE as they refuse to have mandatory sentencing and get tough like they did back in the day with the rockefeller drug laws. remember them ?


and bloomie selling brass for reload ? LOL--nyc's broke and if a bullet winds up back here ?

back to numbers 1 and 2 right above.


First of all, James King, get you terminology straight.  Shell and casings are not the same things.  A shell is for shot guns, cassings are for rifles/pistols or even artilery(?).  And you don't refill casings, you reload them.  A completed self contained peice of ammo is called a cartridge, not a bullet, since the bullet is what comes out as a projectile.  Do some research, learn something, sound smart, have some credibility.  Make others smarter not dumber.


Also if a child is getting their hands on live ammunition, I'd be also concerned that the children are also getting their hands on drugs, sex, and running with scissors for the lack of parental supervision since somehow their getting their hands on loose ammo and not school or at home watching TV or playing video games like normal kids.  More of a childcare problem than a gun problem.


I don't like bloomburg, but just selling casings that could end up back with the military or law enforcement is just smart, and I mean that literally, since NY already has a crime problem and their law enforcement needs training and saving money on ammo or even redeaming the casings to the military can give a city more revenue.


You're worse than my 4 y/o kid.  She knows the difference between a casing, a bullet, and a cartridge.  gyad.


 @Mavhunter20xx YOU ARE JOKING, RIGHT? let's take your little diatribe of prevaricating  dribble line by line...shall we? ok! here we go...

Mavhunter said ..."Shell and casings are not the same things" 

DEFINITION of a shell - a case or covering; housing.

DEFINITION of a case- a hollow artillery, projectile filled with explosive primed to explode either during flight, on impact, or after penetration; a small arms cartridge comprising a hollow casing inside which is the primer, charge, and bullet.


Using the analogy that it would be more likely for a child to get their hands on some one's sex organ, drugs or running into scissors is highly unlikely...I KNOW 7 YEAR OLDS WHO HANDLE AMO LIKE RAMBO! i've seen kids steal live amo from their parents and start experimenting with hammers and pliers trying to set the shell off, and they did it for fun!


A 4 YEAR OLD, DOES NOT KNOW JACK DIDDLY SQUAT ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BULLET OR A CASING UNLESS YOU INCULCATED HER, GUN SUCKING FREAK! that being said, I hope someone called child protective services to take away your kid away from you because NO ONE AT 4years of age, needs to learn about GUNS!


I speak on authority - My husband is an officer in the Air Force and has trained extensively with fire arms and MY FAMILY IS FROM TEXAS which is the womb  of the gun culture in America.


WOW! you sure like to spew especially when you dont know whatr you are talking about!


Georgia Arms also fills bulk orders for law enforcement.  What size was the casing?  Was it 9mm , .223?  That's what PD's buy to, uh, train.  Wonder where the ammo that the NYPD used came from?  Math.  34,000 cops in the NYPD and they have to practice and then qualify with 9mm, some with .223 and other rounds like shotgun and .38.  Think they use primo ammo (Gold Dot) for practice?  34,000 x  200 rounds equals 6,800,000 rounds per year.for the cops.  Georgia Arms does not ship to NY for civilians.New Yorkers are easily shocked: mail order ammunition has been around for 100 years in almost all of the country.  But how then can crime be lower in VA than NYC?  NYC has the impression that guns are sold with no ID in VA, yet it is fed law that prevails and requires ID and background checks in Fairfax, VA or Manhattan.  New Yorkers can't walk into a gun shop in VA and buy a handgun.  A VA citizen can't do the same in Manhattan. And remember, the shrinks are supposed to report dangerous patients (think they do?) If the NYPD uses a mountain of ammo and other PD's do the same, doesn't it make sense to reduce the gross cost of the ammo by netting out brass?  The reason most confiscated guns are junked is that the guns are not safe to use without expensive examination by a pro.   Automobiles kill around 40,000 each year.  I used to and still work on old car repairs, thus I know my way around a junkyard.  Spider web winshields and leather seats that can't ever be used due to blood.  Should the vehicle be  melted out of an urge to stop driving fatalities?  Let's look at the bright side:  NYPD recycles and reduces cost to taxpayers and maybe a PD in FL or Maine or WY buys bulk from Georgia Arms for practice.  Georgia Arms reloads.  Get it? No one who carries for real carries reloads.  Reloads are for the range. In the local banter: whaddyamean, perps worry about the cost of ammo?  Ask the NYPD how many bad guysthey collar who were carrying reloads.  The real issue: why does NY let people out of jail, ever, when a firearm has been used in the commission of a felony?  Are you agreed: life, no parole for a street mugging using a firearm?  If not, you're the problem.


 @gold someone needs to go and have a session with the POLICE DEPARTMENT SHRINK! I dont know any responsible gun owner who would take offense to this article EXCEPT PERHAPS YOURSELF! should'nt you be asking yourself WHY WOULD THE MAJOR Of NYC be getting involved with something like this? HE IS BRINGING THIS TOPIC INTO THE PUBLIC FORM FOR VOTES AND PRESS! BLOOMBERG HAS NEVER EVEN SEEN OR FIRED A FIREARM IN HIS LIFE!!!hahahaaahaha!  however i detect your gun thirsty lusting all over your post! 


Thanks for the comment which was but a  polemic.  No facts were ofered to refute any point raised.  The last issue, life without parole for violent gun felons (street mugging life without parole) was typically left unanswered.  You say Bloomberg has never seen a gun in his life - he is surrounded by openly armed police officers every day.  This author lives in the south, ex-mil.  Grew up in NYC, left and go back for family or an occasonal weekend.  If you want to see real guns, see what USAF can do.  The normal polemics reserved for sidearms are of no consequence in the real world as all the laws passed do not stop bad guys.  There was no objection to the above math, the cost analysis or the offering that reloads are range rounds, not for real carry. There was no refuting the fact that the same restrictive laws apply in VA and NYC for purchasing firearms. There was no refuting the challenge regarding how many bad guys use reloads.  Thus your comment has no facts and is naught but a polemic.  The V V is a great paper, probably the best left standing, quite beyond the WSJ.  Typically, their articles are fact checked, sourced for opposing views, and then any editorial is failry placed and obvious.  Go back to your slate, present a fact based refutation as the V V would. Tony Ortega is a great editor, repeat, a great editor.  Use him as your model.  That said, get to work;  you can do much better. The second amendment can be changed or even deleted by the will of the people.  That's where your attention should be.  You should try to have it repealed just as prohibition was repealed.  More work for you.  Next, I doubt Mayor Bloomberg was campaigning in VA or GA for votes. The V V is a national paper as NYC is a world city and has  alumni all over the country - like me.


 @gold Gun-control is for progressives, who hang out on the left side of the room, is JUST like climate-change if for conservatives who hang out on the right side of the room. Both groups hold onto cling dearly to their respective beliefs, in that "gun control reduces gun crime" and "climate change is a myth", despite all available hard data shows that these respective beliefs are just flat WRONG.  So, individuals like 5lttlestones here  will sing and dance around the argument, utilize logical fallacies, make emotional pleas, flat-out make up things (EX. "Mayor Bloomberg never saw a gun ever" Really?!), and do EVERYTHING possible to avoid looking at the, actual, incontrovertible evidence. All of which is disappointing for me, because I figured that progressives would be more logical, fair-minded, and less reactionary than the right-wing crazies who've taken over the Republican party.  I guess ALL humans need an "other" to demonize and hate, even if that hate is directed at PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT BREAKING THE LAW (because someone else did).

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