Missing Jones Beach Swimmer Found Alive...In Florida. Hoax Suspected

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Raymond Roth: Not lost at sea.
Remember how worried you were about that guy who apparently got sucked out to sea at Jones Beach over the weekend? And the tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money rescuers spent trying to find him? Well, get ready to be pissed off because it appears the whole thing was bullshit -- he was found alive and well in South Carolina today, after calling his brother from Florida early yesterday morning.

On Saturday, the 22-year-old son of 47-year-old Raymond Roth called police to report that his father had gone into the ocean at Jones Beach and that he hadn't come out.

The report launched a massive air and sea rescue effort by police and the Coast Guard, which waged on until yesterday, after Roth called his brother from the Sunshine State.

According to authorities, about 3:30 a.m. today, Roth was stopped for speeding in Santee, South Carolina, after police clocked him doing about 90 miles per hour.

When the officer who stopped him checked his driver's license, it was revealed that Roth was listed as a missing person, so he contacted the New York State Police.

Roth recently lost his job after threatening co-workers, according to New York's CBS affiliate, which spoke with some of his friends. Additionally, his house was put up for sale just a week before he supposedly was sucked out to sea.

So, did he attempt to fake his death? That's what authorities are now trying to determine.

Roth is currently en-route back to New York, where he's agreed to speak with authorities about his supposed disappearance. He potentially could be charged with a crime.

Check back for updates.

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Why does the title say he was found alive in Florida, when he was clearly found in South Carolina?  


 @guest Well, as stated in the article, it became clear he wasn't dead when he called his brother from Florida. Physically, yes -- he was found in South Carolina. But after finding out he was alive in Florida is when authorities called off the search.


 @guest Also: really? That's what you bring to the discussion? Nitpicking? Come on.


 @guest Much better! Yes, it is indeed obnoxious how New Yorkers pronounce Florida. I would also add bag-ull to the list. "I was eating a bag-ull in Flaaaar-uhduh." Shoot me in the head.


Sorry, you're right.   To add to the discussion:  Isn't it so low class how townie New Yorkers pronounce "Florida"?  They say it like "Flaaaar-uhduh" lol!

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