New York Olympians In London 2012 Summer Games: Fencing (Part 2)

Team USA
Race Imboden and Nzingha Prescod

Brooklyn takes over today's spotlight with two 19- year old, first-time Olympians from the borough. Both have some of the most striking physical appearances out of the roster of the US fencing team as one is the only black woman and the other has been dubbed a "red-headed hipster".

Name: Nzingha Prescod

Age: 19

Olympic Event: Fencing

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

As the only African-American woman on the 2012 Olympic team, at just 19 years old, Nzingha Prescod is breaking barriers. Currently a sophomore at Columbia University, Prescod didn't have the same track into the world of fencing, a sport dominated by white males, as her teammates. At the age of nine, after being a sort of wunderkind to athletics, she joined the Peter Westbrook Foundation. Since then, she has gone on to compete in the Senior World Championships, Pan American Games and win gold at the Cadet Worlds two years in a row. Prescod, like her teammate Nicole Ross, was defeated early on in the summer games when she lost to Aida Mohamed of Hungary during last Saturday's foil match.

Name: Race Imboden

Age: 19

Olympic Event: Fencing

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

If Race Imboden's Olympic dreams don't work out he could always take up a part-time career as a doppelganger for Rick Astley. Imboden's journey to the London Olympics is a chance to score a major victory in his mother's home country. His mother and father, a producer for CNBC, introduced Imboden to the sport of fencing at the age of nine after a stranger in an Atlanta playground saw him playing samurai warriors with a friend. He immediately took to the sport and has occasionally dabbled in other interests including BMX riding and being a part-time DJ in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Dubbed a prodigy and an "Olympic hipster" Imboden's quest for the gold medal is not an easy one; an American has never won a gold medal in fencing during the summer games. Imboden won bronze at the Cadet World Championships and has earned gold and silver medals while competing at many world cup competitions including in London.

Check back tomorrow where we meet the "rockstar of fencing" and an equally legendary equestrian.

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