New York Women March For Equal Rights; Boob Puns Ensue *PHOTOS* (NSFW)

Samantha Shokin

Chanting "Nipples! Nipples!!!" in a crowded street is one surefire way to draw attention. Flashing nipples is another. 

Yesterday, unsuspecting Times Square pedestrians got a bit of both, in a fleshy display of female empowerment. Coinciding with Women's Equality Day, the fifth annual Go-Topless Day -- an initiative started by to protest "unconstitutional gender discrimination" -- urged ladies to liberate themselves by liberating their areolas (see NSFW photos after the jump).

Topless rallies officially took place in 40 cities around the world, in both cities where "top freedom" is illegal and not. In those cities where bare boobs are lawfully unkosher, men were encouraged to sport bikini tops as tokens of their solidarity.

Top freedom has been legal in New York City for years now, but clearly not everyone has gotten the memo. While activists marched through the streets chanting pithy slogans, hoards of wide-eyed men and camera lenses swarmed them. Cheers abounded, but at times it was hard to distinguish between cheers of support and the shouted equivalents of eyebrow waggling.

Some local celebrities were present to support the cause, including activist Moira Johnston and self-proclaimed "topless paparazzo," Holly Van Voast (felt-tip mustache and all). Van Voast has a reputation as staunch proponent of top freedom, but was not wholly supportive of's cause.

"I don't believe that titties belong with some sort of religion that believes aliens created the world," Van Voast said.

This was not some misplaced jab at Scientology: according to,
"GoTopless was founded by the Raelian Movement, which recognizes that life on Earth was created by advanced extraterrestrial scientists.

These scientists, both male and female, used their mastery of genetic engineering to create humans in their own image (breasts included!)."

Whether this is some sci-fi fantasy gone awry or someone forgot to take her blue pill this morning makes no difference either way. What counts is that finally, someone is sticking up for lady bits everywhere.

See some photos from the rally below:

Samantha Shokin
Samantha Shokin
Samantha Shokin
Samantha Shokin

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