NYPD Commish Ray Kelly Confirms That, Yes, the Cops Accidentally Shot 9 People Yesterday

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The scene from yesterday.
Yesterday, sources told the Voice that eight victims at the Empire State Building shooting were hit by bullets fired by the police officers at the scene. 

There, we were told that two officers fired off 16 rounds at Jeffrey Johnson, the white-collar employee who sought revenge against his ex-boss, and somehow, these shots deflected off nearby objects to hit passerby's fleeing the scene. In the press conference immediately after the deadly encounter, Mayor Bloomberg told reporters that there was a chance it was the cops' fault for the wounded spectators.

Well, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly not only confirmed our sources' information (and Bloomberg's chance) this morning but the number of those accidentally shot by the NYPD has raised one up to nine in total

Kelly was quoted as saying that the police duo's shots hit "flowerpots and other objects around, so... their bullets fragmented, in essence, that's what caused the wounds." The commish also told reporters that, as of Friday evening, six of the wounded were released from medical care while three of them remained under hospital supervision.

So there you have it: the two NYPD officers accidentally shot nine people yesterday. Luckily, none of those deflected shots were fatal. But, to quote Gail Collins's column in this morning's New York Times, "This isn't surprising: it's only in movies that people are good shots during a violent encounter;" afterwards, she pointed to a statistic that showed a 34% accuracy rate for police officers in the line of duty. 

Unfortunately, target practice can only get you so far.


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Ironwil like.author.displayName 1 Like

From No-Knock warrants, to this, one thing I've learned - police are NEVER to blame, according to the legal system. Or at least so rarely as to be just shy of never. Even when police are videotaped spraying peacefully sitting protesters with pepper spray, or tasering an old woman multiple times, what happens? Very, very little. 

bobby like.author.displayName 1 Like

And these guys are the trained professionals.  Imagine if the NRA concealed-carry crowd were there.  It would've been an even bigger bloodbath!


 @bobby Yes, you can imagine all you like, I on the other hand, would prefer to not live in the magical land of make-believe. I'd much prefer to live in a land of logic and reason, where climate change (a right-wing dog-whistle issue which causes irrationality), is very REAL, and very dangerous, while at the same time, liberalizing legal gun-ownership (a, likewise, left-wing dog-whistle issue  which causes irrationality) directly correlates to REDUCED gun and violent crime. In both cases, the data is clear and unambitious, to claim otherwise is the ranting of a crazy-person.

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