"Rape Cop" Redux; NYPD Officer Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Staten Island Woman

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NYPD Officer Arthur Roldan is accused of sexually assaulting a female friend. He's the second NYPD officer in the last two years accused of raping a woman at gunpoint.
As Michael "Rape Cop" Pena is spending the rest of his natural life in prison for the violent sexual assault of a school teacher last year, history has (allegedly) repeated itself.

NYPD Officer Arthur Roldan was arrested yesterday after authorities say he raped a woman in a Staten Island parking lot about 11:30 Tuesday night.

At the time of the attack, authorities say the officer was off-duty.

The alleged victim is reportedly Roldan's girlfriend, although we were unable to independently confirm those reports.

Details of the attack are unclear, but -- like Pena -- Roldan allegedly attacked the woman at gunpoint. It's unclear whether Roldan -- also like Pena -- used his NYPD-issued weapon during the attack.

The alleged attack happened in a parking lot on Father Capodanno Boulevard. The woman reported the incident Tuesday night, and Roldan was taken into custody about 8:30 p.m. yesterday.

Pena was found guilty earlier this year of three counts of predatory sexual assault. He was sentenced to 75 years to life in prison, which means he will likely die behind bars.

Roldan -- a six-year veteran of the force -- was booked on charges of rape, menacing, and assault.

Roldan is expected to be arraigned this morning in Staten Island Criminal Court.

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