This Is The Guy Who's Marrying The Hooker Who Ended Eliot Spitzer's Career In Politics

Thomas "T.J." Earle
Meet Thomas "T.J." Earle -- asphalt magnate, former married guy, and the soon-to-be Mr. Ashley Dupre.

Earle, the New York Post "exclusively" reports, is now engaged to former Elliot Spitzer hooker Ashley Dupre, a.k.a. "Kristen," a.k.a. "client number 9's" favorite escort.

Additionally, Dupre -- who made the jump from high-priced hooker to Post columnist by simply fucking a sitting governor -- is preggers with Earle's kid.

Earle used to be married. Then he met Dupre, and the two shared a drunken afternoon "drinking, dining, shopping and snuggling in limos" shortly after Dupre brought down Spitzer in a hooker scandal that ended his political career.

Earle and his wife have since divorced.

From the Post:

Dupre and Earle were first linked mere months after Dupre's scandal with Spitzer broke. The Emperors Club VIP escort and the then-married exec at asphalt and road construction outfit The Earle Companies flirted at a Jersey Shore restaurant in 2008, prompting Earle to reportedly brag to a pal at the time, "I could have had her for free!" (Judging by the size of the diamond we're told Ashley's sporting, turns out he couldn't.)

The pair embarked on a steamy affair, which TJ then said publicly was "a grave mistake." But Earle and his wife, Alisa, have since divorced, and the break, we're told, was "amicable," paving the way for impending marital bliss with Ashley.

"TJ and his wife divorced over a year ago," Earle's lawyer, Mitchell Ansell, told us. "They divorced amicably. She has moved on, and he has moved on.

"There's nothing scandalous. No one's running around," Ansell said. "[Ashley] is pregnant, and [TJ and Ashley] are planning on getting married."

"We've all moved on and [are] doing great," Dupre said. "Everyone is looking forward to the future."

Spitzer could not be reached for comment.

Regardless, there you have it, fellas: New York's most infamous hooker is off the market.

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Poor kid . . . coming out of that dirty, infected vagina.  Who would ever PAY for this cow?  Let alone marry IT?  Whores don't get or deserve happiness, nor the losers who buy them, destroy their families for them and brag about not paying them for sex.  Everyone loses here.  Poor baby!


This just makes me sick!  who gives a shit about some $10 whore who is only famous cause she screwed other women's husbands?!  Alisa is 100x's better than Ashley could ever dream of being! Karma is a bitch and can't wait till it comes around and bites them in the ass!


Sheet Now we gonna see Ashley Dupre at the Hamptons. Times have changed.

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