Astoria Man Caught With Enough Weapons for a Small Army

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Word of advice: do not go shooting your guns off late at night in the middle of the night in Queens. Another word of advice: especially if you have an arsenal that would make the NRA proud hiding in your basement.

Michael Milazzo, a 53-year-old native of Ditmars-Steinway, chose August 26th, a cool Sunday night, to test out a few weapons by shooting them off in the air because, you know, why not? Officials investigating the incident obtained a search warrant soon after and rummaged through the man's house. And they found exactly what they were looking for: a shit load of guns and highly dangerous weapons.

We're talking guns, machetes, mace, brass knuckles, tasers - the whole nine yards here. In other words, 53 counts (one for every year of Milazzo's age!) of criminal weapon possession and a charge of reckless endangerment on behalf of Milazzo for thinking it was safe to shoot off a few rounds in a densely populated area.
Ben Yakas of Gothamist has a full rundown of all the weapons found:

- 32 machetes
- 60 knives
- 16 air pistols
- 2 handguns
- 26 mags
- 10,537 rounds
- 1 air rifle
- 7 tasers
- 8 brass knuckles
- 9 batons
- & 10 handcuffs

After seeing this small army cache, officials immediately arrested Milazzo, whose apartment was covered with NRA and military stickers. That makes sense; also, his prior arrest in 2004 for unlawful weapon possession makes sense, too. Nonetheless, neighbors are quite happy he is out of the neighborhood:

Greg Alveras, a resident who lived close by to Milazzo, told the Daily News, "We're happy that he's gone away. If he came out and shot in the air, what's he going to do next time?"

Because no one likes a neighbor with that many weapons.


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He was probably selling them online or out of his car. Not much other reason to have 32 machetes, 9 batons, etc.



He only had two pistols, not much of a 'cache'.   Those pistols would have wore out  long before he finished firing 10,000 bullets.  This guy is just another fool......

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