Crips Members Unimpressed With "Fake Ass" Facebook Gangsters

There have been a slew of new, young street gangs popping up in New York the last several years -- including the "Very Crispy Gangsters" and "Rockstarz," each of which were "taken down" by law enforcement earlier this week.

These new gangsters have taken their battles to the Internet (which is why the aforementioned thugs got busted. More on that below), posting threats against rival gangs on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter -- a very un-gangster thing to do, according to a Voice source who is a member of the legendary "Crips" street gang.

While the jump to the web might be seen as a sign of the times, it's not "how real gangsters do shit" -- according to our source, anyway.

"They put that shit up there [on Facebook] like they don't know the cops is readin' it," one Crip member tells the Voice. "That's dumb shit -- amateur shit. That's how niggaz end up in jail."

At the ripe old age of 20, the Crip member with whom we spoke has been shot four times -- including one shooting incident that involved him shooting himself in the leg (he happened to be sitting on my couch at the time, as evident from the bullet hole in my faux-leather sofa).

As he puts it, he and his homeboys are "for real gangster."

"These fake-ass gangsters don't know what they're doing, son," he continues. "The reason gangs survive is by not letting the cops know we is doin' shit. We don't do none of that Facebook shit and if you do an 'OG' is gonna let you know about it."

As "fake-ass" as the new gangsters may be, their violent tendencies are very real -- the body count from an ongoing street-war between the "Rockstarz" and the "VCG" stands at three dead gangsters, as well as several innocent victims who were caught in the crossfire, including a 10-year-old boy who was hit with a stray bullet while watching TV in his own home.

According to an indictment filed earlier this week, the war between the "Rockstarz" and the "VCG" waged for three years, and started with the murder of VCG gangster Taquan "Tay Weez" Crandell, by Rockstarz gang member Michael Allen Reid, in September 2009.

As the war waged on, there were two other VCG casualties, including the murder of Namadi Simpson on April 9, 2010, and Johnny Santiago, who was beaten to death on June 6, 2011.

Following Santiago's murder, a member of the Rockstarz posted "Rockstarz are up 3-0" on Facebook, clearly referencing the three murdered VCG gangsters -- which led police to Wednesday's gangster roundup, netting nearly 50 arrests.

Our "Crips" source notes that "just because you can shoot a few niggaz doesn't mean you a real gangsta."

No, but it certainly helps.

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Tay wasn't a individual that deserved death just being outside warranted that!. He got lite and real talk its like breakdancing battles he wasn't the intended target so talk what you know or hold your tounge. The intended target got away unscathed as per the lil niggas cousin! VCG's and Rockstars need to sit down and talk, because yall young dumbass niggas doing time for something that belonged to somebody else and his drama! read the ledger it's real! Live my youth! stop letting the streets be your parents reeducate you and if your really confused seek a higher help cause a dead end street is just that!


Our "Crips" source notes that "just because you can shoot a few niggaz doesn't mean you a real gangsta."


It means you are an uncle Tom doing the work of the KKK and 'the man'.

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