David Soares, Who Had Sex With Young Staffer, Actually Asked To Investigate Lopez's Pervy-ness

At the very least, Albany County District Attorney David Soares is an expert when it comes to sex with young, female staffers.
Just so we're all on the same page: Albany County District Attorney David Soares admittedly had sex with a young female staffer. Shamed Assemblyman Vito Lopez is accused of trying to have sex with several young, female staffers. Soares now wants to join the team investigating allegations that Lopez tried to have sex with young female staffers.

As we pointed out yesterday, there are 62 district attorneys in New York -- perhaps the one who's had sex with a young, female staffer isn't necessarily the guy you want investigating a disgraced assemblyman accused of trying to have sex with young, female staffers!

On the other hand, at least Soares is an expert when it comes to having sex with his employees -- which might be the reason he actually asked to tag along with Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan in investigating the allegations against Lopez, despite having no knowledge that any of the alleged victims made claims in Albany County.

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We reported yesterday on rumors that Soares was asked to be a part of the investigation. The rumor, it turns out, is only half true -- Soares actually is the one offering himself to the investigation; he wasn't asked by anyone.

James Odato -- while, like the rest of the mainstream media, makes no mention of the fact that Soares has his own dirty history in the sex-with-young-employees department -- reports that Soares is the one offering his services, despite not "knowing if Lopez's accusers have claimed any illegal or improper actions occurred in Albany County."

Soares, 42, was forced to admit last year that he had a long-standing sexual relationship with 26-year-old Stacey Quackenbush, a young legal secretary working in his office at the time.

Unlike Lopez, no allegations of sexual harassment were made against Soares. But the fact remains: he had sex with a young, female staffer -- and now wants to investigae Lopez.

Lopez, as we've chronicled, is kind of a pervert. Several former female employees of the once-powerful pol have made claims that he sexually harassed them in one way or another -- one claims he asked to not wear a bra to work, while another claims he shoved his hand up her skirt.

Two woman who alleged sexual misconduct against Lopez were paid $103,000 in taxpayer money to essentially keep their mouths shut -- which probably would have been kept quiet if not for two additional women making claims that Lopez sexually harassed them. Those women claim the harassment occurred just weeks after the state dished out the settlement cash to the initial alleged victims.

Last week, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes announced that he's requested that a special prosecutor look into whether any of the claims made against Lopez are criminal offenses. Hynes can't investigate the allegations himself because he "determined that the support of the Kings County Democratic County Committee, led by Assemblyman Lopez, for my re-election campaign in 2009 and my upcoming re-election (2013) had the potential to create an appearance of impropriety."

Again, just to re-reiterate, the guy who wants to investigate allegations that Lopez tried to have sex with young female staffers is a guy who had sex with a young female staffer!

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It's ridiculous to compare Soares' consensual affair with an employee to Lopez's sexual abuse of several employees.  


Well actually there are complaints of sexual issues in the DA's office with Soares and staffers. Not just the one he admitted to. There are lots of payments to other women in his office. He has a huge county checking account and uses it. Check out http://www.newyorkcitizenone.com/index.php/home/8365-da-soares-doles-out-state-dough


and many other articles about Soares. The man is a sleaze and has some nerve volunteering to investigate Vito Lopez. Sheldon Silver must have put him up to it.


According to all accounts, Soares' affair with the female staffer was just that: a consensual affair.  That might be inappropriate, but there is a BIG difference between that and sexual harassment.  If you don't get that, maybe you shouldn't be covering this issue.


 @bnagler Yeah, there's a difference -- which I pointed out in the article ("Unlike Lopez, no allegations of sexual harassment were made against Soares). I just happen to think that a 42-year-old district attorney who has sex with one of his 26-year-old employees probably isn't the best person to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace -- for appearance sake, at the very least.


 @JamesKing  @bnagler The problem is, Mr. King, that you just "mentioned" it.  In the middle of the article. Once. And then immediately downplayed the importance of that major distinction.  


 @JamesKing  @bnagler There is more to the story of David Soares:   Albany County District Attorney David Soares has made secret payments to select staff from an Albany County budget line that he has sole discretion over. This "Grant Assignment Pay" account (A1165 1 9954) has been funded by DCJS grants for street and financial crimes as well as at least one private grant from the "Drug Policy Alliance" (an organization instrumental in Soares' 2004 win). These funds have been disbursed only to select members of the DA's staff. Two of the top three recipients are current employees of the DA's office who he has had romantic relationships with. The largest recipient, Jessica Blain-Lewis received the payments to pay for their trysts (think Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera). Mary Louise Milham was moved aside romantically and professionally to make way for the DA's new girlfriend (Stacey Quackenbush). Milham threatened a sexual harassment/hostile workplace/discrimination lawsuit. The $10,000 in Grant Assignment Pay and a promotion to Bureau Chief bought Milham's silence.

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