Here's A Video Of A Dirtbag Beating The Crap Out Of A Puppy; Dirtbag Still On The Loose

This asshole beat the crap out of a dog -- as the cameras rolled.

It takes a real tough guy to beat the crap out of a defenseless puppy after trapping the little guy in an elevator, which is what some complete shit-bag did at a Harlem housing project last month.

The NYPD released video of the vicious beating, which happened in an elevator at the Wagner Houses on East 120th Street on August 26.

As you can see in the video embedded below, the creep repeatedly kicks and slaps the dog, all as the pooch cowers in an attempt to get away from this piece of human garbage.

(See the video after the jump).

The scumbag is still on the loose -- and probably still is in possession of the dog. At the time of the beating, this piece of shit was wearing a red Aeropostale t-shirt, shorts, and a New York Yankees baseball hat.

Anyone with information about this dick-bag is asked to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS -- and feel free to leave any derogatory descriptions of this shit-stain in the comment section below; we're sure we left a few out.

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In a healthy society, this bastard would be kicked and kicked, and his neck, face and groin would be stomped for hours...until he died. But, if they catch him, he'll get off with a fine. What a pity.


Not to be racist or anything, but the beater looks profoundly high on crack.

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