Here's Video Of New York's "Angriest" Carriage Horse Driver

Looks relaxing, right? Try it with animal rights advocates screaming in your ear and a fat guy yelling "what the fuck are you?"

Carriage rides in Central Park -- while a bit on the cliche side -- are supposed to be romantic strolls through one of New York's most famous landmarks. And nothing quite says "romance" like a fat guy in a baseball cap screaming "who the fuck are you" at animal rights advocates -- which happened last month and was caught on tape.

The ongoing war between Central Park carriage-horse drivers and animal rights advocates currently is at a fever pitch following several assaults on both drivers and advocates. One of the drivers involved in one such incident is Emin Karsavuran, who activists say beat the crap out of a Los Angeles man who was hassling him last month, and is amongst the angriest of all of New York's carriage-horse drivers.


As we reported yesterday, animal rights activist Andrew Grossberg (note: horse lovers insist Grossberg is not an "activist." However, he went to Central Park to hassle carriage-horse drivers. You be the judge) got his ass handed to him by Karsavuran during an August 25 scuffle. Both Grossberg and the labor union that represents New York's carriage-horse drivers admit that Grossberg was hassling Karsavuran by yelling at him and taking photos of the license plate on his carriage.

What they don't agree on is who hit whom first -- Grossberg claims he was attacked, while the union says Karsavuran was the aggressor. Regardless, Grossberg appears to have been the loser.

To demonstrate Karsavuran's hot temper, the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages sent us video of the carriage driver reacting "in an extremely hostile manner" during a previous altercation with activists.

The video's narration would probably put you to sleep if it were longer than three minutes, but it does show a man the CBHDC identifies as Karsavuran getting a little testy with activists -- while it's far from proof that Karsavuran was the aggressor in the August brouhaha, it shows how hot things are getting between activists and carriage-horse drivers up at the park.

Check it out below.

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OMG that is an assault waiting to happen. Just look at the guys body language, he is ready to explode. One can not help wondering if a guy with such obvious anger issues should be in charge of horses. You protesters are very brave, those drivers are awful.


This video does not show this angry carriage horse driver shouting in my husbands face and screaming obscenities. It shows only the 1 Fyou he yelled at the end of the whole drama. If video had been rolling for the whole thing, you would have found this much more interesting.


This happens all the time at the line, and the aggression by the carriage drivers is well documented on YouTube. Check out the video "Driver Gone Wild" on the channel "HorsesinNYC." 


I would  like to point out the obvious for the non-lawyers: it is not illegal to be annoying but it is illegal to assault someone. In other words, activists and other concerned citizens are frequently at the line documenting illegal activity and behaviors on the part of carriage drivers, and they often fly into a rage. Lines have been crossed for years. 


also check out channel "BanHDCs" and the most recent video--while "boring" to some as various illegal violations are described, at the the end it a driver coming at the activist in a menacing or threatening way, and stopping short--obviously an intimidation tactic that worked in this case.


If they beat the crap out of me, it will be too bad. They are circling the drain and another assault would not help their pathetic cause.



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