Jackie Barcliff, Occupy Wall Street Protester, Turns Self In, Charged With Not One But Two Rapes

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Jackie Barcliff, an Occupy Wall Street protester, turned himself in late Friday to police, and was charged with the rape and assault of another protester.

Barcliff, 44 and homeless, was not only charged with rape and attempted murder in the attack on the 56-year-old OWS protester in the Pier 15 park next to the East River, he was also charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl on Aug. 12, the police said.

Our previous coverage of the case is here.

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Nice, I like how you report on this random creep while managing to ignore the numerous arrests today during the 3 day anniversary of OWS.   People getting arrested for such crimes as standing on a sidewalk, or taking photos of police isn't as newsworthy as this man with very loose connections to OWS.

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