More Intimidating Robbery Weapon: Gun Or Herpes? Discuss

As a Bronx resident notes in an interview with a local TV station, "anything" could be found in a hypodermic needle, including "AIDS, herpes -- anything!" And nobody -- nobody -- wants either of those stigmatic/potentially deadly diseases.

That said, a thief is using the threat of potential herpes to rob people in the Bronx, and he's been quite successfu: On at least three occasions in the past month, the robber has threatened people with a hypodermic needle during robberies in the borough's Williamsbridge section. In each case -- under the threat of potential herpes -- the victims handed over their belongings without a fight.

This raises the question: Would you be more likely to give up your shit to a thief if you were threatened with herpes or threatened with a gun?

It's a tricky question, we know; on the one hand, you might survive a shooting -- assuming the bullet doesn't hit any major organs, there's a good chance you will live to see another herpe-free day if you get shot during a robbery.

On the other hand, herpes is herpes -- and it ain't goin' away. And we have a feeling that "I swear I got my herpes during a robbery" will be a hard sell to any potential candidates for fornication.

We're on the fence about this one. As much as we'd prefer to not get shot, we'd also prefer to not get herpes.

We want to know where you stand, though. What's a more intimidating robbery tool: herpes or a gun? Cast your vote below.

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Yes, no one wants it. But the truth is one in five people are living with herpes and have to go to sites like HerpesFish to find their partner.


Herpes is not spread through bodily fluids; rather, it is through skin to skin contact. You can't get it from a needle or injection. Take this guy down, NYC!


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