Newark Bodega Owners Demand Cheap Bulletproof Vests

Although Mayor Corey Booker is on a mission to re-invent Newark, the crime rate in the New Jersey city is still a statistic he cannot rub: The violent-crime rate is way above the national median for urban centers, and, according to, one in 94 Newark residents is the victim of some sort of assault. There are 534 crimes per square mile, creating a widespread battleground for the city and its denizens. 

For this reason, some of them are taking action to protect themselves from the ongoing spree.

Today, the Bodega Association of the United States met with Booker to discuss protection plans for its workers. One of the demands that stands out is a proposal for cheap, subsidized bulletproof vests to be offered to bodega owners. Strapped up and ready to go.

Somehow, this idea speaks volumes more than mere crime statistics.

In an interview with CBS, Fernando Mateo, a member of the association, said, "What we're trying to do is create a situation where we're buying the vests at a wholesale price where the bodega owners would be able to afford to buy them, not only for themselves but for their clerks."

Mateo went on to say that he thinks Mayor Booker "is the kind of guy that knows and understands what the streets are about because he comes from the streets." However, this doesn't necessarily mean he'd be more than willing to strap up his city's bodega owners with Kevlar.

It has yet to be seen what the negotiations will create in terms of alternative methods to upping the police forces on the streets. But crime rates can come to life with stories like this; numbers are met with the sheer realities on the ground. And if this proposal is any indication of that, Newark and its mayor have some work to do.


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How about the bodega owners band together and negotiate a deal themselves from some bullet proof vest maker? I'm sure the police are more than willing to disclose where they get theirs, and then the owners will know all they need to know to get a quality product at a good price.


First Mr. Mateo, please do your basic research regarding Mayor Booker. He is NOT nor has he ever been from the streets. He is from white, affluent Harrington Park, NJ. Read here for proof: . So Mayor Booker not being from Newark cannot identify with the needs of real Newarkers. His empty works within this city is evident of that. You are wasting your time with Booker. If you don't know that by now Mr. Mateo please ask the other bodega owners who actually live in the city.


To John Surico, the author of this story: If the city of Newark is so filled with crime as you say, how is Mayor Booker on a mission to "re-invent Newark'? These statements prove how gullible, ignorant and duplicitous the media is in this fraud called Cory Booker. Cory Booker is disliked by most Newarkers and loved by those outside of the city.  He plays the media like old used fiddles and you guys play right into it.  Without believing the Cory Booker Media Lies, I challenge you to name 5 things (just 5) that Cory Booker's Administration has accomplished in the City of Newark independent of the previous administration or whose success is not explained, evaluated and exaggerated by the Mayor's own public relations people. You and people like you are the reason why the media is not taken seriously. You probably read articles about Booker from other sources. Take the time to do your own research and TELL THE TRUTH. The only thing Cory Booker cares about is Cory Booker. Want to write an article about something that's a fact? Write how the people of Newark want Cory Booker to leave Newark. You guys should take him over in NYC. Please.

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