NFL Refs And The Gentleman From Wisconsin


Unions everywhere owe much to Paul Ryan.

Yesterday, in a mind-boggling stretch of logic, the GOP vice presidential nominee equated Obama with the NFL referees who blew the call in Monday night's game between Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.

It didn't take long for a swarm of TV and internet pundits to point out that Ryan had it bass-ackwards - the so-called replacement refs who are screwing up just about every game are in fact scabs - let's call a scab a scab. They're union busters like Ryan himself

So the Congressman from Wisconsin is a Packers fan? Well, you reap what you sow, and the National Football League is reaping a bitter harvest from its senseless and vindictive fight with the NFLPA (National Football League Referees Association).

What, after all, are the major points of contention? Well, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell contends that the league wants - quell irony! - to improve the quality of NLF officiating. They say they want to achieve this by adding reserve squads of three more officiating crews. The idea behind this is that referee crews would be pressured to make better decision; if they didn't they could be replaced by one of these reserve squads on the basis of performance.

A big part of the problem with that from the perspective of the refs is that in such a scenario they would have no input on what constitutes a bad performance. Another problem is that many of the refs believe that the owners would be using these reserve squads as a blade to hold over their necks in any further labor negotiations. But the real obstacle to ending the lockout is - surprise! - money. Like all corporations these days, the NFL is heavily into cost cutting, even though the NFL, unlike many other corporations, is having no money problems, and in fact cleared $9 billion in revenues last season.

The league wants to do away with the current retirement plan and substitute a 401(K) model which would save the NFL an estimated $3.3 million a year.

Yes, that's what all this is about.: a lousy $3.3 mil a year, or about what a franchise quarterback is paid per game.

Why so much misery over relative pocket change? Because the NFL owners absolutely can't stand to lose a second consecutive labor dispute. Last year, the players humbled them and this season the league bosses are determined they're not going to be beat again.

That's why there are scabs officiating NFL games and why you get results like we had Monday night.

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The analogy by Mr. Ryan makes sense:  Obama is not an experienced politician - his primary qualification for President has been as a Community Organizer - he blunders in ways that more experienced or talented politicians wouldn't.  Those are the points that Paul Ryan's analogy allude to by equating replacement refs with the in-over-his-head President Obama.



Ahhh.... Berry, such a simplistic point of view and explanation! BTW... wasn't our president a member of congress prior to election? Besides, do you seriously believe the McCain/Palin ticket would have resulted in this nation being in any better shape at this point?  And as far as Paul Ryan.... what's his experience level? Salesman at Oscar Mayer who once drove the weinermobile? Speech writer and staff economist for Senator Bob Kasten? Presidential material? Hmmm.... quite the conundrum if you compare the two for such a lofty office might you say?


The problems today persist and are compounded based on the fact that congress is so dysfunctional and polarized it's ridiculous.  Obviously, two years ago when the Republican party won control of the house, their first statement was to declare their first priority was to make sure Obama was removed from the office at any cost! 


It surely confirmed to lifelong Republican that we've gone from being the conservative party to being the obstructionist party, and at the cost of and to the American public! Sad and potentially fatal really....  As one great Republican once said in a famous speech, "government of the people, by the people, for the people"! Not by corporate america or governance by force or being held hostage by a political party unwilling to negotiate and compromise in the best interests of this nation and its people!


We've seriously become so polarized and divisive in our politics and religion towards humanity it's affecting our way of life and it appears some just don't care what the outcome is. These paper tiger leaders in congress must be under the impression that they'll be able to continue deflecting blame and responsibility. Yes, on both sides of the aisle. 


We are first and foremost Americans... if we continue to stand divided by our politics and religions we're destine to fail collectively. Seriously sad isn't it!? But that's just my take on the situation....


You make good points about cooperation, but President Clinton had impossible Resistance from the Republicans yet got things done (he was impeached!), President Bush endured unprecedented and far more criticism than President Obama yet didn't complain and got congress to vote his way (the way Bush was treated is a disgrace that made me jump parties!).  So my point and Mr. Ryan's is that President Obama seems ill-equipped to actually do that.  Yes he was able to pass Obama-Care with A Democrat Congress (against the wishes of the American public), but when Obama actually needs to do the work of President, there have been little results - lack of cooperation from the other side of the aisle (THE staple of American politics) is not an acceptable excuse - that's the hard part and all of the previous Presidents have been able to work through it.


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