NY Pol Knocks Gays, Whores And Politicians In Single Campaign Mailer

This is an actual campaign mailer distributed by an Upstate politician.
Whether you're gay, a politician, or a whore, some aspect of a campaign mailer (pictured above) distributed on behalf of a New York State Senate candidate probably will piss you off.

Problem is, we're not sure which group should be most offended -- the politicians for getting compared to whores, the whores for getting compared to politicians, or the gays for getting thrown in the middle.

The mailer was distributed by one-time Buffalo mayoral candidate Matthew Ricchiazzi, who is pissy over state Senate candidate Mark Grisanti's voting in favor of gay marriage last year.

Grisanti is one of four Republicans in the Senate who voted in favor of the historic measure to allow homosexuals to tie the knot. He's currently facing a more conservative GOPer in a primary to be held Thursday.

Regardless, it seems Ricchiazzi owes some whores a apology.

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Sexy picture.All I can hope for is that Ricchiazzi gets caught up in a Ted Haggard-like scandal. A politician with a gay prostitute. I believe that would be retribution enough for the mailer. 

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