Teenage Pizza Delivery Boy Accused Of Raping UWS Woman, Said He Was 'Horny'

Caesar Lucas's Facebook.
This has to be the most bizarre news story today.

Cesar Lucas, a 16-year-old pizza delivery kid, was filling an order on the Upper West Side around 12:30am last night. When he was finished delivering a pie to a customer, he noticed a door that was unlocked nearby in the same building. Inside, a mother was asleep with her 7-year-old daughter on the couch.

Lucas told authorities, according to court papers, that "he went in because he was feeling horny and that he took advantage of her." The victim told authorities that Lucas entered her apartment and proceeded to rape her while her daughter slept next to her, unaware of what was going on. And, before he left, he stole the woman's iPhone as well.

The delivery boy has a bad past as well, making it unclear how the hell he got a job entering into people's homes. While making a delivery for another place, he robbed an apartment that was unlocked on West 42nd Street.

When he returned to work at Sal's Pizzeria on Tenth Avenue, police authorities showed up and arrested him on the spot. He was arraigned for charges later that night for robbery, rape, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. And he will be charged as an adult and held without bail at Riker's Island, concluding the terrible story from the night before.


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