Trade in Your Guns and Ammo Today in Bushwick

This is what the Queens buyback looked like.
UPDATE: 85 guns were traded in yesterday for cash rewards. This pales in comparison to the 509 collected in Queens but, hey, any amount of guns off the streets is a success.

As we have said before, no matter how much Americans love their guns, we are, in the end, a money-hungry people, which might explain why the last gun buyback program in Queens raked in 509 weapons off the streets.

Well, once again, in an effort to rid a particular area of crime, you will be able to hand over your Glock or 9mm for a cash prize of some sort this afternoon in Bushwick. Like the one in Queens a few weeks back, it will be held in a church (this one being the Evergreen Baptist Church at 455 Evergreen Avenue) and is supported by Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes, Councilwoman Diana Reyna and the Boys in Blues.

The idea for gun buyback programs in neighborhoods with higher-then-usual crime rates has caught on quite successfully; since the initiative started, around 8,200 guns have been refunded instead of used. Hopefully, the one in Bushwick today will be as effective as the one in Jamaica, Queens mentioned before.

There's only two common sense rules for the gun buyback today. First, if you bring the weapons over in a car, please keep them in the trunk, in case of sudden stops. Second, you must have your gun in a plastic/paper bag and/or a box; no need to repeat but safety first.

For your troubles, or if you have a working gun to cash in, you'll receive $200 in the form of a bank card. If you bring in a rifle or shotgun, on the other hand, you'll come out of the church with a mere $20. But hey, it's money.

The gun buyback program starts around nowish and ends at 4pm, giving you a six-hour window of cash opportunities. Let us hope for the best.


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Isn't this kind of like selling used CDs? You give up the gun you don't like and use the money to buy one that you do?


@villagevoice that's a gun tax I think we could all support. Buy back 4 with each new purchase!


509 guns turned in makes us money hungry?  This evaluation is just pure journalistic sensationalism -- there are millions of guns in this country, there's no way such an insignificant number can be evaluated as money hungry.  More like despeate, in these times, that area.


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