Vagina Onion Ring Could Be Yours For $9,100

Put this slogan to the test by telling a BK employee that you want all your food to be shaped like a vagina.

If you look at two onion rings fried together and instantly think "vagina," you've got a problem. If you're willing to cough up more than $9,000 to buy two onion rings fried together that kinda look like a vagina, you've got a disease for which there is no cure: stupidity.

For sale on eBay right now is "vagina onion ring." The top bid, sadly, is $9,100.

According to the eBay post -- first discovered by our pal Claire Lawton at the Phoenix New Times (click the link for a few other interesting eBay purchases) --  the seller got an order of onion rings at Burger King last month and decided that two of them that apparently were fried together look like a vagina. If you ask us, it looks more like a sad-clown mouth than a vagina, but there are certain clitoral/Georgia O'Keeffe-y properties.

See the vagina onion ring after the jump.

"Selling my Va-jay jay Onion Ring," the Ohio-based seller writes in the official Vagina Onion Ring description. "Went to that restaurant where you have it your way on 8/27/2012 for a small order of Onion Rings. I got more than I bargained for."

The bidding started at 99 cents on August 27. It quickly jumped to $5,000 just a few days later, and is now at $9,100 with about 10 hours left to bid.

But what do you even do with a vagina onion ring? Put it on the mantle? Your desk? Keep it in your parents basement next to a photo of "the one who got away" and a box of tissues? There are so many questions -- most of which we're pretty sure we don't want the answer to.

In any event, see the vagina onion ring below.

If you put ketchup on this thing, you're absolutely disgusting.

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