Yes, Giants Rookie Running Back David Wilson Almost Definitely Cried After Fumbling the Ball Last Night

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In the first quarter of the New York Giants' 24-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys last night, David Wilson was running left with the football when he was blindsided by Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee, who knocked the ball loose. The Cowboys recovered, and David WIlson, who had a penchant for fumbling at Virginia Tech, was seen running to the sideline, getting consoled by his teammates, and looking like an eyewitness to his dog's euthanasia. The Twitterverse was afire with people debating whether or not he cried after sideline reporter Greg Bedard tweeted he saw tears, and though Wilson had his helmet on at the time, the Big Lead's photo below says it all:

david wilson crying_opt.png
Big Lead Sports

That's soft, son.

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