Rightbloggers Revel in Romney Rout, but Good Job Numbers Put Them Back in Tinfoil

tomt200.jpgRightbloggers had one of their best weeks of the campaign. First their candidate, Mitt Romney, bested President Obama in a debate, and then the Labor Department posted a drop in the U.S. unemployment rate. Both events convinced them of impending electoral victory, as the first proved that the president is stupid, and the second proved that he is evil, as he had somehow manipulated the labor statistics to defy what they knew to be reality.

Romney's debate performance was distinguished by sudden shifts to more moderate positions than he had taken theretofore: He gushed that "regulation is essential" for the banking industry, embraced the Romneycare health plan he'd previously treated like a youthful indiscretion, etc. Rightbloggers didn't seem to mind; they'd adjusted to RINO Romney long before, and so mainly focused on, and were overjoyed by, the unfocused performance by their primary hate object, which they took not as evidence of a bad night but evidence that Obama is mentally challenged.

"[Romney] looked like he was passionately schooling a teenaged-smart a** who just graduated from high school who thinks he knows everything," said Sister Toldjah. "The overrated president gets his comeuppance," said the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin. "....That no one on the left imagined that he would do so poorly tells us much about the Obama bubble and the president's distorted self-image... Obama's rhetorical weakness suggests he is not the great intellect he and his admirers have come to venerate." "So the listless sourpuss who thought it would be enough to show up is a universally acknowledged failure," said Pundit and Pundette. "...Any other suggested approaches for a lousy speaker with a four-year record of failure who prefers not to study much?"

Ann Althouse even suggested that "with 2 more public humiliations in the offing, [Obama's] got to do something. If he's really desperate, there could be a world crisis of some sort that forces him to cancel the remaining debates."

"If last night's debate was a boxing match, a referee would have had to stop the fight," said The Shark Tank. "..If you remember the beating in the 8th round that Sugar Ray Leonard gave to Roberto Duran over 30 years ago, you've already got a pretty good idea of what transpired if you missed the action last night. It was that bad a beatdown to witness..." Well, we know where his mind's at.

The Shark Tank was also delighted that TV personality Bill Maher had given Obama a lousy review: "When your non-adversarial media sources and your die-hard supporters are characterizing your debate performance in such a manner," they said, "you know it's not good." In fact, many liberal types admitted that Obama had done badly in the debate -- and this gave rightbloggers their greatest joy, for in their world no one ever admits his candidate is anything less than perfect, so they assumed this meant that Obama's supporters were abandoning him.

"When a liberal president get comments like this from a hardcore moonbat [Maher] who gave his super-PAC $1 million, maybe he had better just pack it in," said Moonbattery. When Saturday Night Live made fun of Obama's performance, Scared Monkeys declared, "The LEFT goes after Obama poor debate performance..."

New Yorker abandons Obama; state in play
When the New Yorker ran a cover showing Romney debating an empty chair, rightbloggers declared victory: "You know you're losing it when a liberal bastion like The New Yorker mocks you, Clint Eastwood style," gloated Marooned in Marin. "If Obama has the New Yorker making fun of him, then you know he is in trouble," said The Blogmocracy. "Obama was exposed as the fraud he is last Wednesday. His god-king image has been shattered!"

"The New Yorker cover depicting the Empty Chair in Chief 'debating' Mitt Romney is classic evidence that Clint Eastwood hit a home run with his speech at the RNC," said Legal Insurrection. "To honor the cover, Professor Jacobson has decided to roll out previously unpublished National Empty Chair Day photos sent in by LI readers on September 3, 2012. (Note: DO NOT SEND additional photos, we are using only photos originally submitted on National Empty Chair Day.) Thus, the Election Day Empty Chair Countdown feature is born, and I'll be posting one empty chair photo a day until election day." That oughta keep their spirits up.

Rick Wilson of Ricochet was beside himself: "Think about it," he marveled: "the New Yorker is mocking Barack Obama using an image from a gag from the Republican National Convention."

Yeah, whoever heard of the New Yorker talking about Republicans, or gags? A Rubicon had been crossed, said Wilson: "The cover of the New Yorker -- one of the tentpoles of respectable liberalism and elite opinion -- is a signifier of the scope of Obama's failure this week... As the dozens of snarky articles, brutal editorial cartoons, late night comedy shows taking new and unaccustomed shots at Obama... build up a certain cultural momentum, the sense that Obama's failings are suddenly funny is a deadly virus in the bloodstream of liberal opinion." Liberal opinion is clearly in its death throes, and if only Whoopi Goldberg can be persuaded to give Obama a WTF it will breathe its last.

The party was only temporarily halted Friday when the September report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics came out, showing the national unemployment rate below 8% for the first time since February 2009, a 114,000 rise in payrolls for September and an upward adjustment of summer job numbers by 86,000.

It's not great, and a case can be made that it's not even good, but it wasn't bad enough news for rightbloggers to enjoy.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit reported the rate drop, then simply sputtered, "Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression." (Later, when he had recovered himself: "Lib PA Lawmaker Refuses to Lead Committee in 'Pledge of Allegiance' (Video).")

But the brethren quickly recollected themselves, and decided that the official job numbers were fake.

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