Andrew Cuomo's Road To The White House: Gov Taps NBC Exec Allison Gollust As New Communications Director

Allison Gollust will replace Richard Bamberger as Andrew Cuomo's communications director.

New York Governor/undeclared 2016 presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo has appointed a new communications director: former NBC News executive Allison Gollust.

Cuomo's office announced this afternoon that Gollust will replace Richard Bamberger, who has been on Cuomo's staff since 2008, when Cuomo was the state's attorney general.

In addition to her time at NBC -- where she served as a spokesperson for anchors Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, as well as a gig as the senior vice president of NBC News Communications and executive vice president of Corporate Communications for NBC Universal -- Gollust worked as the head of communications for Major League Soccer.

In other words, she's got the national media experience Cuomo would want if he were -- but definitely is -- running for president.

"The opportunity to join the Governor and his team to build on the tremendous success they have already achieved in transforming the state is one that I truly could not pass up," Gollust says in a statement issued this afternoon. "Communication in this day and age moves at a lightning pace and serves a critical role in informing the public. I look forward to working with the administration to continue spreading the Governor's message of a new New York throughout the state."

While at NBC, Gollust "oversaw all internal and external communications for NBC News and its programming, including Today, Nightly News with Brian Williams, Dateline, and Meet the Press."

So, with his brother Chris over at ABC's 20/20, Cuomo's now got many of the big, national media bases covered -- and, of course, he'll always have Fred Dicker.

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laughable....the democrat bench for 2016/20 is pitiful..Cuomo? O'Malley? Ford? are you guys kidding? Who else you guys got? Hillary?...not after the sodomy/torture/murder of an ambassador...there isn't one single democrat "leader" in the country with a record of success.


She might be cute and sweet, but if she tries to sell us on "fracking", it won't work!


I would give Andrew Cuomo an F, as Governor of New York, the infrastructure and roads are crumbling, he spends more time in the Hamptons than in Albany, and he is out of control in his wasteful spending, meanwhile, 23 million Americans are unemployed and have less than the illegal immigrants who live in New York on Welfare!  


Andrew Cuomo is the illuminati's worse nightmare, and so is Barack Obama, these two politicians are in agreement with each other, hey New Yorkers and red neck America let's keep the poor, "Poor", and put the rest of the money in our nonprofits politician pockets, and we'll continue crushing the economy more and more everyday, until the taxpayers are completely homeless and jobless, that's what these Democrats have achieved in the last 4 years for the people in New York State and the struggling American people.  These two men are lobbyist, they both became extremely rich in a short time.  


America is jobless, homeless, bare ass, bare foot, and pregnant.  The only change these politicians gave us in the last four years, is all nickels and dimes, they are nickel and dimming us, American people, we have nothing left.    


I give Andrew Cuomo an F for failure.  I give Barack Obama an F for Failure.  


Here is a true saying, bulls-t will get you to the top but it's not gonna keep you there.  


I'm gonna predict that these two politicians are out, they're out! I know the illuminati sign is three fingers, but, the America people are only holding up one finger to this United States Government!


Also would like to add: 


This is the problem with the New York Media, the politicians own them.  How can the citizens trust the news media to inform them about the truth inside political and public corruption issues.  There is no trust in a government, when politicians like Andrew Cuomo are buying a news media's confidence with offering high salaries and making news reporters like, News 12 Westchester Anchor Brian ConyBeare, and NBC Spokeswomen Allison Gollust, high salaries with the taxpayer dollars.  The important question is this, what's the point to hire these high paid news reporters into his administration?  There is a method of madness in this type of unethical practice in government.  


The Westchester County District Attorney Janet Difiore, hired another News 12 Westchester reporter Tracy Everson, Deputy Communications Director, Westchester District Attorney's Office, paying her a high salary on the backs of the taxpayers.


Westchester County residents pay the highest taxes in the United States, and if politicians cannot speak to the press openly and honestly about the issues, than, they should not be in public office.  They should stop wasting the taxpayers hard earned cash on covering up the truth, it's time these greedy politicians face the public and answer the questions for themselves.  


The question is this, are these job titles and high salaries necessary in New York, when the infrastructure and roads are crumbling and 23 million people are living on unemployment?  This is wasteful spending of tax dollars. 


~ The Westchester News  


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