Charges Dropped Against Morgan Stanley Fat Cat Accused of Stabbing Cabby in Racist Drunken Rage

William Bryan Jennings
"It's been a difficult ordeal for my family."

That's what a Morgan Stanley bigwig told reporters outside of a Connecticut courtroom this afternoon after charges that he stabbed a Middle-Eastern cab driver in a drunken rage were dropped.

But the charges weren't dropped because there was overwhelming evidence that William Bryan Jennings didn't stab the cabby in a drunken, racially charged rage. They were dropped because the victim, Mohammed Ammar, had possession of the weapon allegedly used in the attack, but didn't turn it over to authorities for more than five months.

"[Ammar] had the knife the whole time," prosecutor Steven Weiss reportedly told the court this morning. "He had ample opportunity to tell the police, he didn't do that. He had ample opportunity to tell the prosecutor's office, he didn't do that. He withheld evidence for five full months."

Back in December, prosecutors alleged that Jennings agreed to a $204 fare before the cabby drove him from Manhattan to his Connecticut home. However, Jennings offered just 50 bucks for the ride once he was safely in his driveway, which is where he allegedly stabbed the cabby after his $50 offer was refused.

"Go back to your own fucking country," Ammar told authorities Jennings shouted at him. "I'm going to kill you, motherfucker!"

After Ammar told prosecutors about the knife, Weiss determined that it probably couldn't be used as evidence against the banker. He also says Ammar's explanation for not turning over the knife "made no sense."

Jennings, who makes more than $2 million a year at Morgan Stanley, told reporters after court this morning that, "obviously it feels good. I don't think I have a lot to say about the case other than that the outcome speaks for itself."

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This guy has the kind of face you just want to PUNCH.


Al Qaeda should target this guy.  I'd have much more respect for them if they really went after the truly powerful.


This article is written by a complete moron. The right question you should be asking is... if Jennings was stabbing Ammar that night, why and/or how does Ammar have possession of the knife? Sounds like Jennings version ("he grabbed it from me") is the truth after all. That is why this case was dropped -- not on some bullshit technicality.


 @ConcernedCitizen Not sure how simply grabbing the weapon of your assailant lets him get off Scot-free...but yeah, withholding evidence looks bad, y'know??

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