D.C. Sniper Connection To Grisly Brooklyn Murder; Killer Promises More Dead Mothers

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D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo
The brutal murder of a pregnant 38-year-old mother of four has a chilling link to D.C. sniper/convicted killer Lee Boyd Malvo: the killer reportedly left a note under the woman's body demanding Malvo's release from prison.

Additionally, the killer pledges to continue killing one pregnant woman a week until Malvo is released.

The victim, Vindalee Smith, was found in her basement apartment in Flatbush on Saturday. When authorities discovered her body, Smith's throat had been slashed and she'd been stabbed repeatedly. The note was found underneath the body.

There was no sign of forced entry, which has police thinking that Smith knew her killer. They also think the note might just be a ruse by the killer to throw cops off track. Regardless, authorities say they're not ruling anything out.

Smith -- a devout Seventh Day Adventist -- was supposed to get married yesterday. That said, her fiancee, Anthony Jackman, already is married, according to the New York Post. Jackman was interviewed by police, but it's unclear whether he's a suspect in the murder.

The Post also reports that Smith -- who has a history of getting evicted from various apartments -- had a touchy relationship with her sister. A neighbor told the paper about an argument where "The sister was yelling, saying, 'You're messing with a married man,' and, 'You don't know who the baby daddy is! You're choosing your boyfriend over your kids! You're so worried about this man, and you're not worried about your kids. I'm sick of you getting kicked out of places.'"

Malvo, and his mentor in murder, John Allen Muhammad, terrorized the D.C. area with a series of random shootings in 2002. Muhammad, who was executed for his role in the sniper spree, and Malvo killed 10 people and wounded three others. The pair vowed to kill six white people a day for a month.

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing. Check back for updates.

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