Debate Over Won't Back Down Shines Light on City's Brewing Education Battle

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Despite her criticisms of education privatization, Schniedewind acknowledges the need for vast improvement within the public school system.

"It's not to say our schools don't need improving. It's not to say we don't have many serious problems, but there are other ways to go about solving those problems that are a part of the American tradition," she says. "Based on the notion that schools are a part of our democracy, the people who run schools should be accountable to parents and to local communities, and not to corporate entities."

For the people who have seen the film or will see the film, Henig isn't too worried that they've been swayed by it.

"I think the evidence is still out on how much impact either Waiting for Superman or this movie really will have on people," he says. "There's been substantial discussion around it, and I suspect that most of the audience that even goes to see it...are not going to go in naively thinking they're going into see a Schwarzenegger movie, so they'll be cued in a little bit to the context."

Check out the trailer for the film and a response video from NYGPS below:

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