Did You Hear the One About the Teacher Who Brought Heroin to Jury Duty?

Did you hear the one about the Manhattan teacher who brought heroin to jury duty?

That's not a joke. That actually happened yesterday during a murder trial at a Manhattan courthouse.

But 33-year-old Damian Esteban didn't just bring a little bit of heroin to a murder trial -- he brought 18 bags of it. Needless to say, he was arrested.

Esteban, a teacher at the Williamsburg School of Architecture and Design in Brooklyn, is a juror in the murder trial of accused killer Jamal Armstead for the 2008 murder of a teen on the Upper West Side.

As first reported by The New York Times, Esteban returned to the courthouse yesterday after a brief recess. When he did, he had to pass through a metal detector, which is where things went terribly wrong for Mr. Esteban.

As he passed through the metal detector, it went off. It was revealed that the foil in a pack of cigarettes is what caused the machine to beep.

When court security opened the pack of cigarettes, they found the 18 bags of heroin.

Estaban was promptly arrested. He's expected to be arraigned today.

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The only way I can maintain any sort of warm fuzzy glow for more than a few minutes is with my miss piggy sock puppet..... is that okay during jury duty?


It's hard to tell how long a murder trial will last and what if the jury is sequestered? Prior planning prevents...


@BitterTweetKytn hah wow I was gonna say its a helluva drugg & he had to get thru the day but 18 bags? Damn.

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