Donald Trump Could Always Just Give $5 Million to Charity. But He Won't

Billionaire media slut Donald Trump's not-so-earth-shattering announcement yesterday that he will donate $5 million to a charity of President Barack Obama's choice if the president releases his college transcripts was essentially brushed off by the White House as the shameless PR stunt that it is.

Fox News described the offer as an act of "philanthropic extortion."

Even the president laughed it off during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

In other words, no charity will see the money The Donald dangled in front of them. But that's not the president's fault, that's because Donald Trump is a stingy, carnival-barking phony.

In the past 21 years, Trump's foundation has donated a grand total of $7.7 million to charity, according to an April 2011 article posted on The Smoking Gun, in which the website declares Trump to be "the least charitable billionaire."

Of that $7.7 million, only $3.7 million was taken from Trump's personal fortune, which is estimated to be roughly $3.1 billion.

The charities that Trump suggested the president choose to send the donation includes AIDS and cancer research centers, and to "inner-city kids in Chicago."

But they won't see a penny of that money -- despite desperately needing it, we're sure.

In contrast, other billionaires -- like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and even New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg -- shed much of their excess cash by giving it to charitable groups. In fact, Bloomberg has given more than $350 million to his charitable organization.

Billionaire Warren Buffet, as you may know, gave $1.5 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006. And -- believe it or not -- he's still filthy stinkin' rich.

There's nothing stopping Trump from just donating that money to a charity of his choice and not use the cash to extort the leader of the free world. He clearly has the money -- he's offering to do it. But he won't -- because he's Donald Trump.

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If the President has nothing to hide all he has to do is provide the information. If he can and does provide the information then he will make Trump look like a fool and Trump will lose all credibility, plus a charity that really need the donation will get it. If Obama doesn't then he isn't taking advantage of a fool with lots of money, or Obama has something to hide.

eric.nelson745 topcommenter

Did anyone see the Colbert Report on Wednesday? In it Colbert pledged to write a 1,000,000 check to The Donald's favorite charity if he would "teabag." Colbert gave a very anatomically accurate description of how to teabag. Like The Donald's pledge to write a $5,000,000 check to Obama's favorite charity, The Donald must perform the act on Colbert by 5pm EDT on Nov. 28th.


@NFLPurpleOct @villagevoice Of course not. This way, he gets the publicity without having to fork over any money.


Great article! Funny, sarcastic and so on point. You forgot to mention his demand that the POTUS release his passport application and all his passport records, as in, Obama's travel history, throughout his life, to infinity, to prove he's not a secret Kenyan sleeper cell. So, we're all back to the crazy birther crap.


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