Hurricane Sandy: Red Hook Update


Hurricane Sandy is only beginning to pummel New York, but in low-lying Red Hook, the storm's effects are already evident. As you can see in the picture above, the bottom of Van Brunt Street is submerged, with the water lapping at the sandbagged doors of the Fairway storage warehouse.

Around back, the waterline was within a foot or so of spilling into the market's back yard:


Red Hook lies almost entirely inside Zone A, which by mayoral order was subject to mandatory evacuation as of 7 p.m. last night. But this afternoon there was still plenty of foot-traffic throughout the neighborhood, with some taking a pre-hurricane stroll to check out the early effects, and others getting in their last minute shopping.

Most of the stores were closed along the more hipsterfied strips of Van Brunt, but deeper into Red Hook the C-Town market on Mill Street was open and doing a brisk business.

The Red Hook Houses, Brooklyn's largest public housing development, were also due to be evacuated, but many residents remain, with no intention of leaving.

"We're sticking it out!" one resident told the Voice. "They cut our elevators, but we're not leaving."

Outside the bodega across the street, the owners of this well-equipped dog said they had no intention of leaving either.


The next high tide will come just after eight this evening, when a full moon and the increasing winds from the approaching storm are likely to make flooding in Red Hook and other low-lying parts of the city even worse.

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please ....shout ir to the wet rooftops...this mad mayer was just on tv saying he is shutting off power to millions ..he gave some crazy excuse ..but power has always stayed on till it gos off ,would he shut off power to his own mother?Wow old ,sick poor who can not leave will now be in the dark ,because this little man is angry they did not do what he told them to do.God help these people . please voice news paper    shout out the grave crime to the people of newyork .richard hydell and wrecked google me


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