Someone Snitches on Man Who Showed His Jimmy to Random Women on the Train, and Now Everyone Knows Joseph Theodore Is a Pervert

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...C'mon, son.
This weekend, we at the Voice wrote about an unidentified man who was wanted for pulling out his penis and touching himself on the 2 train in the middle of the day last Wednesday at the Atlantic Avenue Station. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong time for a flash and grab, because a vigilant woman in the car with him was able to snap a couple of photos before getting off at the next stop. In minutes, the guy went from being an anonymous pervert pleasuring himself deep in the bowels of New York to a wanted criminal.

He got caught. Of course he got caught. NYPD informed the Voice yesterday that the man, 52-year-old Joseph Theodore, was arrested on Sunday and charged with public lewdness at his place of residence in Crown Heights. This explains why he chose to terrorize the 2 train instead of, say, the F, which, blue seats notwithstanding, is a miserable train and the first place we'd expose our johnsons and even worse, given the choice.

Police didn't have much more to say about the arrest, except that authorities received an anonymous Crime Stoppers tip from someone who recognized Theodore in the photos and decided to snitch on him. Perhaps it was someone victimized by the perp in the past, or else someone close to him: a jealous wife, perhaps, or a grossed-out best friend. One can only dream. To the brave, silent heroes who helped bring Theodore to justice and make our midday, midweek transits just a little more dull, we salute you.

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Why isn't this spook deported back to Haiti or Jamaica or whatever 3rd World Island toilet he came from 


I know who ratted him out, the poor crosseyed janitor who has grown weary of the DNA gravy left glued to the seats in the place, either that or his STD doctor who is clearly sick of lancing the giant pe'eny boils that occupy the festering mini oozing mountain range upon his thin and crooked acorn-twig

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