Syringe-Wielding Robbery Suspect Angel Cintron In Custody

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Angel Cintron
Breathe easy, New York -- the man police suspect was using a hypodermic needle to rob people of their iPhones, iPods and other pricey electronics currently is in police custody.

The NYPD says Angel Cintron was arrested this morning in Yonkers after he was identified over the weekend as the suspect in the string of robberies dating back to at least August.

Police suspect Cintron is responsible for at least 10 robberies, during which he threatened victims with a syringe before looting their stuff.

All of the victims were men, one of whom was only 14 years old.

Cintron is a career criminal with 19 prior arrests that led to multiple drug and robbery convictions. He was released from prison in 2008 after serving eight years for one of those robbery convictions.

Police say Cintron was identified through a tip through Crime Stoppers and that he will be put through a police lineup today.

He's yet to be formally charged with any crimes.

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Why are we letting trash like this into America. The "Open Border" Immigration Policy has been a big failure for the past 40yrs. Time to deport human garbage.

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