Terrorism, Kiddie-Porn, and Sword Play: Federal Reserve Bomb Plot Just Got Weird

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Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis' possible co-conspirator was arrested yesterday in California.

The failed plot to blow up the Federal Reserve building in lower Manhattan yesterday just made the jump from terrifying to bizarre -- a man identified in federal court filings obtained by the Voice as a possible co-conspirator of 21-year-old Ahsan Nafis was arrested yesterday on kiddie-porn charges after authorities in San Diego reportedly found more than 1,000 images of child erotica on his computer.

But it gets even better.

Police also found a video of Nafis' possible cohort involved in some sort of sword-play. He apparently shot the video himself. On an iPhone. He's an adult -- who plays with swords.

Media outlets in San Diego are reporting that Howard Willie Carter II was arrested last night after authorities served a search warrant at his apartment and found all the kiddie porn.

Mr. Willie Carter also goes by another name: "Yaqueen," which is the name of a person identified in court docs as a possible co-conspirator in yesterday's failed bombing of the Federal Reserve building.

In the complaint, Nafis tells an undercover federal agent that he and two other wannabe terrorists -- "Yaqueen" and someone identified in court records as a "confidential human informant" (CHI) -- were "ready for action" and the men "don't care anything about our work. We just want to meet our lord as soon as we can."

Nafis also told the undercover agent that "Yaqueen" had suggested they hit a military base in Baltimore, Maryland, where there was "one guard standing outside whom they could attack."

Nafis, however, told "Yaqueen" that he didn't want to kill just one person -- he wanted to "do something that brothers coming after us could be inspired by us."

Carter has not been hit with terrorism charges yet. So far, just the kiddie-porn charges.

See the complaint against Nafis below.


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