Vice President Biden, You're No Lloyd Bentsen

It was right there. Paul Ryan teed one up for Joe Biden, basically saying "make me look as dopey as Dan Quayle -- I'm 'no Jack Kennedy.' Say it -- I dare you." And the vice president took the pitch.

Lloyd Bentsen would be spinning in his grave.

During tonight's debate, Ryan did the unthinkable: he made a John F. Kennedy reference.

That, historically, has not gone well for GOP vice presidential candidates.

Rather than crush Ryan's comparison out of the park, he just giggled a little and did this:

Vice President Biden, you're no Lloyd Bentsen.

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Why aren't Americans outraged at the U.S Federal Reserve transferring $16Trillion to banks and foreign governments. Why are there no longer demonstrations at government malfeasance . The U.S national debt is $16Trillion conviently. We are more interested in this insignificant debate. Have our civil liberties been trampled to the point that everybody has been silenced by the government. While Mitt Romney hides his investments in the Cayman Islands while average Americans are barely surviving. People have to excersize their right to protest or lose to tyranny


Please recall that Lloyd Bentsen lost that election.


 @ConcernNYer To the contrary, Americans should applaud the Government for paying off its loans -- unlike the freeloaders in our midst.  Why don't you learn how to spell instead of having temper tantrums in public?  It's c-o-n-v-e-n-i-e-n-t-l-y not "conviently." Your "barely surviving" statement doesn't hold water, either.  The inflation-adjusted median household income in the U.S. amounted to $50,964 in June 2012.


 @vava5815  @ConcernNYer You are confused.

You are refering to the Troubled Asset Relief Program. In October 2011 Quarterly Report to Congress, SIGTARP reported more than 150 ongoing criminal and civil investigations. Office of Management & Budget  have  accused institutions of not using the loaned funds for its intended reason. Which was to support the housing market by avoiding preventable foreclosures because of non colateral based mortgages.

TARP funds had been provided to bank holding companies, these  holding companies have only used a fraction of such funds to recapitalize the enormous mortgage sector.

And you are the spelling police?


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