Elbow-Porn Censored by Facebook? Try Knuckle-Porn.

Calm down -- it's a knuckle.
The Daily Mail published an article yesterday about a photo that was removed from Facebook because it appeared to show the ta-tas of a blond woman sitting in a bathtub. The alleged tits actually were just her elbows -- her voluptuous, firm elbows -- and the photo was later restored.

Over the weekend, a thirtysomething former Marine/cop, completely mature, successful businessman -- who will remain nameless -- sent me the image posted to the right, along with the following description: "Fatty with a landing strip."

It became clear that knuckles are way pornier than elbows.

What followed was an exchange of "knuckle porn" neither of us are particularly proud of.

See some of the highlights below.





Feel free to send your own knuckle porn to jking@villagevoice.com and I'll add it to our gallery of knuckular filth.

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