Hurricane Sandy Claims Another Life; Has Now Killed 41 People in New York City

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Thumbnail image for Sandy_Rockaways_Wreckage.jpg
Wreckage left by Hurricane Sandy in the Far Rockaways
When police entered his apartment building on Tuesday, October 29 in Rockaway Park, Queens, blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean, they found William McKeon, 78, at the bottom of a wet set of stairs. The power had long since died.

It was dark, pitch-black, and saltwater and sand was pooled around him. At some point after the storm crashed against the beach and through the streets, he fell. Authorities found McKeon unconscious, bleeding from a head wound. 

He was still breathing, though, so authorities raced him to Jamaica Hospital in an attempt to save his life. McKeon fought. He lasted a full week before he died late Tuesday night, finally succumbing to his injuries.

McKeon's is the 41st hurricane death in the city and 48th in the state. Seven have died in the Rockaways alone. Thousands of people in the Rockaways were forced to endure a snowy nor'easter, Athena, on Wednesday without heat, hot water or electricity.

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