Mike Bloomberg Gets Driven to His Subway Stop -- Just Like the Rest of Us

How was your ride to your subway stop this morning?
New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg last week promised that he would join the riffraff by taking the subway to work this morning in an apparent attempt to prove that the city is getting back to normal following last week's hurricane.

The billionaire mayor's playing the "common man" is adorableand all, but here's the kicker: hizzoner didn't even walk to the subway station -- he was driven from his apartment to the 5 train.

The mayor reportedly left his East 79th Street town house just before 7 a.m. He was then driven a few blocks in a black SUV to a subway station, where he caught the 5 train heading to his office downtown.

The New York Post was there to watch the mayor's charade. From the Post:

He walked briskly through the station and arrived at the train just as it was entering the station and boarded with a half dozen security guards and City Hall photographer Spencer Tucker.

He read the front page of the Financial Times and was silent during the commute with his head down.

In a black jacket and black suit he blended in with commuters on the loosely-packed train.

When a Post reporter tried to ask the mayor how his commute was going a security guard asked her to step back.

He arrived at City Hall at 7:20 a.m.

So good news, New York: When you're getting driven by armed guards to your subway stop, rest assured that things are getting back to normal.

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This reminds me of Bill  Cliton going to church. Yet, dumb liberals kept electing them  (Clinton , Bill and Hillary, and Mayor B.) knowing the stunt was a lie. BTW, don't buy used lux cars in the future - water damage from Manhattan garages. Water offers sanitaation issues and it breeds bacteria that mess with wiring and computer circuits.  They will be transported to FL, MD, and PA for internet sale to dumb new yorkers. And remember, the best bourbon is nothing more than cheap corn hoch with color from barrels with burned interiors.  The best scotch is hooch with swamp water.  Drink vodka, worship the potato, stay off the subway for a while.

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