New York Harbor's In Deep Shit -- Three Billion Gallons, To Be Precise

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Just in case you needed another reason to not take a dip in New York Harbor, it's currently getting filled with billions of gallons of partially treated human waste.

During last month's hurricane, a 12-foot surge of ocean water crashed into a Newark treatment plant, causing a leak that is yet to be repaired. Since then, the plant has pumped more than three billion gallons of human waste into New York City waterways.

The plant is just east of the Statue of Liberty, and pathogens in the waste can be pretty harmful to humans.

Given the potential health risks, the Department of Environmental Protection has put a ban on fishing, crabbing, and shellfishing in the tainted waters.

Additionally, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has issued a warning urging people to avoid contact with the shit-filled water.

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, which runs the plant, says there's currently no end in sight for the flow of human waste into New York's waterways -- the Commission says it's trying to fix the mess, but it's unclear when that will happen. The PVSC's executive director tells a local TV station they hope to fix the leak "ASAP."

Good plan.

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This isn't good.  Keep my Blue away from that 12" shit over my head.


This goes on while Gov. Christie goes on SNL and Obama goes to Asia.  Doesn't affect you?  Think again.  Harbor water ends up as spray on the SI Ferry and evaporates and then forms dew all over lower Manhattan as well as Brooklyn and S.I.    Guess what grows in flooded houses, especially in the dark basement?  Was the subway flooded.?  NY State should be in court seking damages from NJ ASAP.   New Yorkers, wash thoroughly every day, hands and face several times.  Use hand sanitizer.  And if it fogs up, don't go out. The NYC Health Dept should be explaining this in BIG PRINT.   If you smell the harbor water guess what? You are inhaling it. If you smell mold, guess what?


Job 20:7 he will perish forever, like his own dung; those who have seen him will say, ‘Where is he?’


2 Kings 9:37 Jezebel’s body will be like dung on the ground in the plot at Jezreel, so that no one will be able to say, ‘This is Jezebel.’”

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