Rightbloggers Anticipate Romney Landslide, Denounce Nate Silver, Katy Perry

In a district Obama carried handily in 2008, early voting was suspended due to a bomb scare. Talk radio host Teri O'Brien announced she would ask her guest that night "whether democrats are planting fake bombs in Winter Park, FL." Who knows, worth a try, right?

A faction of rightbloggers kept after Obama on Benghazi. Some, like Peter Ferrara at The American Spectator, continued the earlier hair-splitting over Obama's post-Benghazi remarks ("Obama was referring to terrorism in general, including the original 9/11 attacks in New York..."). At American Thinker, Karin McQuillan declared that under Obama "official American policy is to avert civilian casualties in Muslim countries at any cost. If it requires the sacrifice our American soldiers' lives, so be it," which will surprise anyone who's been following Obama's drone program. And Day by Day, a comic strip for people who think Mallard Fillmore is a RINO, implied that the President was in league with jihadis, showing an Obama silhouette declaring "you eat the flesh of swine, are as whores."

Oh, there was one last-minute Obama thing rightbloggers decreed a "gaffe": When Romney's name was booed at an Obama rally, the President said, "Don't boo, vote. Voting is the best revenge." At this mild joke the brethren pretended to be mortally offended.

"Hard to believe that the guy who promised to 'punish our enemies' is now talking about voting for 'revenge,'" harrumphed Jonah Goldberg of National Review. "I understand Obama is bitter. That's been obvious for a while. But it's just a weird and narcissistic assumption that his supporters want 'revenge' too." Then, finding there was no clip of the rally crowds turning on Obama in shock and disgust, Goldberg added, "Doesn't mean it's wrong, though. Which makes the whole thing even creepier." It Obama wins, we expect Goldberg will be really creeped out.

"Barack Hussein Obama, in a moment of desperation, took the gloves off the other day," reported Nelson Abdullah of Noisy Room, "when he told his supporters at a rally in Springfield, Ohio that 'Voting is the best REVENGE.'" We didn't know Obama yelled the word like that -- maybe Abdullah saw a reenactment. "If Obama studied history instead of law while in college," Abdullah continued, "he might have recalled the famous words of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto after his attack on Pearl Harbor, 'I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.'" We must say, as turns of the tide go, this seems rather weak.

At the Washington Examiner, Byron York claimed the "Obama campaign struggles to explain" what York himself called "a seemingly offhand utterance." That is, someone asked an Obama spokesperson about it, and she explained that Romney was "frightening workers in Ohio into thinking, falsely, that they're not going to have a job" with his misleading Jeep ads. "And the message [Obama] was sending is if you don't like the policies... then you can go to the voting booth and cast your ballot."

Aha, cried York: "The problem is, the president was actually not speaking in the context of Romney's highly-controversial [Jeep] ads... In fact, Obama had not said a word about the Jeep controversy when he said 'revenge'... And even after the 'revenge' remark, it took Obama six paragraphs to get to his discussion of Jeep." Then he reproduced Obama's entire speech to prove this -- the smoking gun! Clearly what Obama really wanted revenge for was Kenyan colonialism.

Our personal favorite of the week was Eliana Johnson of National Review who, apparently still rattled by October's Lena Dunham ad, went ballistic over a tight-fitting Obama dress singer Katy Perry wore at a campaign concert event. "The Obama campaign has repeatedly appealed to women as if the feminist movement never happened - that is, as a monolith who can't get sex and reproduction off the brain," Johnson sputtered. "Sandra Fluke and Lena Dunham have relayed the President's message quite clearly: women should and do decide whom to vote for based on sex, birth control, and abortion... Singer and songwriter Katy Perry is the latest lady to objectify herself for the benefit of the President's campaign... Her message: I'm a sex object and I endorse this ad. Backward!" We guess if Perry dressed more like Holly Near, honor would be saved.

Well, soon this horrible thing will be over and we will be forced to live with the result. We have no idea who'll win, but whoever does, there's one thing we can count on: The brethren will react full-throatedly -- either with victory howls, or accusations of voter fraud.

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