The Voice Has a New Editor in Chief: Meet Will Bourne

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We're happy to announce that the powers that be have selected a new editor in chief here at the Voice: Will Bourne will move into our EIC office on November 26.

Bourne is a veteran writer and editor who got his start writing for Seven Days, a weekly NYC magazine (now dead) owned by Leonard Stern, who also owned the Voice at the time. He has served as the editor at large for Inc. since July. Prior to that, he spent almost five years as the editor of Fast Company, during which the magazine won both a George Polk Award and a Cunningham Award in 2009.

We spoke to the new boss this afternoon, and he assures us that he's excited for the new gig.

"It's an excellent time for the Voice," he says. "It's early to start predicting or prescribing where we're gonna go -- but we'll be adjusting."

Bourne says he wants to continue on with the Voice's tradition of local, watchdog reporting that has kept the Big Apple's power brokers on their toes since 1955. But he says he has no plans of turning the paper into a "political gasbag."

"We're going to continue on with the culture of the paper -- stories about politics, money, corruption. But culture is the mission of the paper, too," he says.

Bourne is in good company on the culture front -- the Voice recently hired a new music editor, Brian McManus, and a new film editor, Alan Scherstuhl, each of whom oversees a stable of writers who provide our readers with some of the best cultural news in the city.

In addition to his experience as an editor, Bourne worked as a freelance reporter, with his work appearing in Harper's, Fortune, and Esquire, where he was also both a senior editor and senior writer.

Bourne replaces former Voice EIC Tony Ortega, who left the paper earlier this year.

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