Instagram Photos That I Have No Problem Giving Away To Corporate America

As you may have heard on the Internet by now, people are very angry about the newly revised Instagram rules of conduct, in which the photo-sharing service announced it will begin to sell away your sepia-toned photography to companies without paying or attributing you. People voiced their frustration on Facebook (a company that sells your information to corporate interests by the terrabytes), people voiced their frustration on Twitter (rinse and repeat like Facebook) and people overall were very up in arms about having to be unpaid interns for Instagram. 

Grab your smartphones... er, pitchforks!

We should be accustomed to this sort of online behavior; we've already sold away our identities to Big Information the minute we first heard the phrase 'social media.' At this point, we must embrace it so, as an Instagram user, I met the clarion capitalist call with joy. Finally, a damn fine portion of the 7 million photos we upload daily would be put to some sort of good use. It may not help us at all but... (shrugs). 

Here's a list of Instagram photos that I have absolutely no problem with giving away to Corporate America.

- Photos of New York City with the caption "#WhereDreamsAreMadeOf"

- Screen shots of flight reservations to Hawaii

- Any photo with more than ten hashtags

- Blurry-but-filtered-anyway photos from last night

- Photos of your feet in sand... on the beach... with an umbrella... in the winter

- Bird's eye view photos of your cappuccinos/cafe au laits/macchiatos/moccachino with a heart of foam

- Photos of storm clouds

- Photos of rainy puddles with the caption ":("

- Photos on 'Throwback Thursdays'

- A photo of a photo

- Any photo with that strange 70s glow filter

- Photos of something you're holding

- Any photo of a dog doing something out of the ordinary. Tis the season so, in this case, a dog wearing a red-and-green bowtie.

- Photos of how much you drank last night

Notable mentions: Photos of your brunch, yourself and your feline friends. But those are too easy.

Disclaimer: I am guilty of taking a few of these. But, collectively, we all are.

Do what you want with these, powers that be. They're safer in your hands anyway.


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Intersect and Intersect iPhone App. is the company I use for some of my photography. Intersect is also used by The Washington Post. TOS at Intersect state that the User retains all control to their content. Being a photojournalist I am always concerned about copyright and when a company reveals itself as attempting to take advantage of the User then that is a big red flag to get out and turn to another company that honors the User first. Companies rely on User content to drive their site. Just because Instagram has backed off their TOS now, doesn't mean their attorney's aren't working their butts off to find another way to make a buck from User generated content! Use your brain: there is a billion dollars involved!

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