NYPD Releases Security Video, Photo Shows Brandon Lincoln Woodard Killer Moments Before Midtown "Hit"

Moments before fatally shooting California tourist Brandon Lincoln Woodard in midtown yesterday, the alleged killer exits a grey sedan, flips up the hood on his sweatshirt and calmly walks toward his victim, according to a video released by the NYPD this morning.

In a security camera photo still also released this morning, the killer is seen standing behind the left ear of the victim, and appears to be drawing a gun from a pocket in his sweatshirt.

Woodard, 31, of Los Angeles, was shot once in the back of head as he walked along West 58th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway. The shooter then walked calmly back to the car, and an accomplice drove off.

Law enforcement officials described the shooting as a "hit," but no clear motive has emerged. Woodard had been arrested several times in California on robbery, burglary and shoplifting charges. He also is said to have links to the entertainment industry. He attended college at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles.

Here is the security camera video, taken moments before the homicide:

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I am sending my love and prayers for Brandon and his family.  I know there are numerous friends and family that are very heartbroken and hurting deeply for the loss of this beautiful, big hearted, amazing person.  If there is a time to be God fearing it is now for the heinous disgusting excuse for human beings that did this to him.  


Old School This is the way to assinate someone


I'm  a combat veteran and thought I've seen it all, the way mankind hones his skill at killing his fellow man. But this killing is sad, sad because it comes out of now where. It's not one guy preping to engage another as we did in combat. The victim didn't even see it coming. It's sad because it's in broad day light, and it could of happened I guess to any one of those others walking by. Could be any one of us. God I pray that this cowardly scumbag gets caught, and maybe we'll learn why this senseless murder happened. 

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