This Is What Matthew Silver's Up to Today

James King
We get it, dude, you're an "artist."
The West Village treasure pictured above is Matthew Silver. He's a bit of an attention whore, and often parks himself in Astor Place, about a block from our offices, and makes a complete jackass of himself

Today's antics are particularly idiotic, so we figured we'd throw him a bone and give him a small dose of the attention he so desperately craves.

As you can see in the photo, Silver is wearing his best tie-dyed Speedo and holding a rubber chicken. He's also wearing a toy stethoscope and for some reason needs a non-working floor fan on a mild December afternoon.

He held this exact pose for at least five minutes. He didn't make a sound.

Some of Silver's other memorable ploys for attention include wearing a dress while screaming "I am the master of all reindeer" on a dreary afternoon in November of 2009.

Earlier this year, he donned a bra, a leotard, and a motorcycle helmet and danced around Astor Place screaming.

He is the mind behind the notable works of performance "art" entitled "Love Comes Out Your Butt" and "Man in White Dress."

See one of our personal faves below -- were not exactly sure what it is, but it exists thanks to the Internet and PCP.


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Perhaps you should be writing about things that interest you, rather than a dude performing harmlessly in public space annoying you.  Seems a little petty. Also boring. What do you like in public space? Why does this guy bother you enough to write about what he's doing in such a way?

I think "Heartpocalypse" is his best work:


You need openness (not) to understand him! 

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