Joe Lhota & Christine Quinn Lead The Polls For Next Mayor


Could this be the race we're half-heartedly doomed to cover?

According to a recent way-too-soon survey conducted by Quinnipiac University, the frontrunners (so far) are clear for this year's 'Who Will Run City Hall After Bloomberg?' On the Republican side, former MTA chairman Joe Lhota has captured 23 percent of voter recognition, seconded by billionaire-turned-possible-politician John Catsimatidis's 9 percent. And, on the Democratic end, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn lies on top of a 35 percent lead, seconded by PA Bill deBlasio's 11 percent.

Well, overly extrapolating from polls this early in the game is a sin, especially because most New Yorkers have no idea who the hell all these Mayoral candidates really are yet. Luckily, for their own electoral sake, Quinn has name recognition because of her position in city politics and, after Sandy's widespread damage to the MTA, Lhota temporarily dominated our headlines. And, if we're going to make any proclamation about these frontrunners for now, it is this:

A battle between Joe Lhota and Christine Quinn would be a diluted match-up between the legacies of Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Bloomberg.

As fellow Voice scribe Nick Pinto pointed out a few weeks ago, Joe Lhota's campaign hedges off the aspirations of bringing back Giuliani-era policies. The former Deputy Mayor for Rudy and "rat czar" is a direct political descendant of Mr. Bloomberg's predecessor; if the whole frontrunner thing works out for him, Rudy will without a doubt have a major role in Lhota's run.

The Hizzoner will probably not play the same character for Quinn - we reported a few weeks ago that Mr. Bloomberg is leaning towards being a spectator only, meaning the race this year would be the first since 2002 without his money involved in it. However, that doesn't necessarily mean Quinn's slate is clean from his influence. 

If the whole frontrunner thing works out for her, she will advocate similar positions held by her current boss. And simply being the head of City Council has placed her significantly close to the Mayor's inner circle. Needless to say, she will be Mr. Bloomberg's inheritor to voters, no matter what.

But, we repeat: extrapolating from polls this early in the game is a sin.


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Hundreds of NYers, gay & straight, have taken to the streets in an effort to expose Quinn's consistent record of violating the public trust to advance her career - from overturning term limits to using tens of millions in slush funds for back room deals to stripping the City Council of democracy. Quinn is counting us to vote for her based on her identity b/c she knows she would be voted out of office if her record were taken into account.

Christine Quinn is the most barren, crooked, unethical and patently fraudulent political hack to ever set their eyes on City Hall in this town. Ms. Quinn has no spine, vision or meaningful record of accomplishment in her life, political or otherwise, that would serve as a legitimate credential qualifying her to lead the greatest city in the world.

Quinn is an intellectual and emotional twit who is not even mentally qualified to hang from the puppet strings which have controlled her political rise in this town. She has suckled on the teet of power while filling her various slush funds with wild abandon. Should New Yorkers be foolish enough to elevate this con-woman to the Mayoralty, it will take all of about 5 minutes before most New Yorkers wish Mike Bloomberg was serving his fourth term. Quinn as Mayor is a mistake that we simply cannot afford to make.

Being gay and a woman is simply not enough when you are too stupid, corrupt and unqualified for the office you aspire to. Quinn may win Chelsea or pockets of Chelsea but I think once many citizens come to know who is this bulldog in a skirt they will turn the other way.

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