Mayors Will Use Bloomberg's Gun Group To Grade Arms Manufacturers

As President Obama brings the gun control fight to Congress, city leaders across the country are taking matters into their own hands.

According to Politico, the National Conference of Democratic Mayors had a quick revelation this past week: regardless of the tirades against gun violence or lobbying efforts on the Hill, municipalities still pay these gun manufacturers tens of millions of dollars every year for public safety, be it cop gear, security services, etc. The cities are the consumers and, if Ralph Nader taught us anything, it's that consumers have buying power.

So, as a result, the group, led by Minneapolis's Mayor R.T. Raybak, will begin placing grades on manufacturers. It's simple: if you don't comply with set goals of safety laid out by the Mayors, you'll lose a customer worth millions of dollars. And it's no surprise that the Mayors plan on using Mr. Bloomberg's group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to place these grades. Because it's a lesson ripped right out of the Hizzoner's playbook. If you can't beat 'em, publicly assault 'em with a letter grade.


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Long as the the Leaders of this World have armed guards tp protect their worthless hide; I'll be against denuding the Citizen Public of thier own guns..  The Founding Fathers placed the gun issue second in the Bill of Rights for a reason. They did not trust the men who would rule after them and they were right.

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